Lice Shield

💪 Repel lice with the power of 5 essential oils 💪 Sending your kids to camp this summer? What’s on your packing list? Sunscreen, swim trunks / suit, hat…. What about a lice repellent? The American Camp Association reports that each year, one of the most common calls to the Camp Crisis Hotline comes from […]

Portable LED Flood Light

Bring on summer adventures with camping and hiking! The portable LED Flood Light by /from Loftek packs some serious upgrades: (1) Two in One: Portable, cordless floodlight which doubles as a battery-charging power bank. Two light modes—white floodlight and flashing red/blue SOS mode. (2) Portable Power: 15 watt, equal to 60-Watt Incandescent in an ultra-compact body; […]

RovEasy Backpack

Lightweight Travel Backpack By RovEasy With three kids and two dogs I can honestly say I am always on the go, go, go with bags, bags, bags!  I look for different attributes in backpacks dependent on what I need it for.  These lightweight travel backpacks are ideal for my kids to use when we go hiking, camping, […]


Gooseneck Kettle By Brulux While I do love my current tea kettle it is quite large plus, I never know how hot the water is at any given time especially when I want to use my French press which it is quite important to know water temperature prior to using. Not only is this a temperature […]