Air Choice Electric Infrared Heater

  I love how dark it gets, how the days suddenly get shorter. The way the sky is always grey, seeking in it’s own shadows. How the air nips at your nose, as you see your breath. Until you go inside into the warmth of your space and now, thanks to Air Choice, the space’s […]

Trustech Electric Infrared Heater

In the twilight of night that casts shadows to the day The cold creeps at the October edges of my single pane windows, And seeps into my cheaply heated home with no insulation It catches my toes, and walks up my hands to grab my face and nose The cold grasps firm and goes deep…. […]

Back To School With Purell

About Purell Founded in 1988, Purell is one of the most recognized brands in the world. It defines the hand sanitizer category and is the brand most preferred by doctors, professionals and consumers everywhere. I received an array of Purell products to help prepare us for back-to-school thanks to ViewPoints. All views are my own […]

Car Ownership Made Easy ~

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Car Ownership Those two words instill feelings of security, doubt, hesitation, and excitement. Having the ability to own a vehicle is vastly different than knowing how to attain one. Through the decades finding “THE (vehicle)” has also evolved right along with the internet. Search engines help […]

90-Proof Air

With the fall and winter seasons come holidays filled with scents which can be a bit stuffy after several days of closed windows to include your vehicle. My truck? Wet and stuffy from three kids and two dogs, groceries, martial arts classes, gymnastic class, hiking, picnics, camping, and more.   Yes, my truck sees and […]

Mattress + Pillow = Great Sleep

Sleep Number Bed & Pillow Solutions A good night’s sleep is essential, and no one knows that better than Sleep Number. Your bed and pillow work together to create the best possible sleeping experience, and with the SleepIQ technology and Sleep Number® ComfortFit™ Pillow, you’ll get tailored sleep solutions to help you get a better […]

Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp

Whether you lean towards homeopathy beliefs or not I truly love this lamp and wanted to break down the information you need to know before shopping for one yourself. Let’s start with what I like to call “Signs That Your Himalayan Salt Lamp Is Fake“: (1) Your Himalayan Salt Lamp Is Very Bright Himalayan salt […]