Giveaways & Sweepstakes in Blog Land

Various Sweepstakes and Giveaways I receive via e-mail and posts.

Most are non-referrals and some are; labeled as such.

Ordered by ending date beginning with Daily Entry then onto Multiple.

Good luck to all who enter and may the odds be ever in your favor!

This is a daily feature here at Ms. Cat’s Honest World, so bookmark this page and join me daily for loads of giveaway goodies!
You’ll almost always find giveaways for cash and gift cards plus all sorts of unique items from household necessities to electronics, clothing, food and more!

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You never know what might catch your eye. Remember, you can’t win if you don’t enter! So be sure to get your entries in on all your favorites. Good luck!

Daily Days of Giveaways

Marlboro Rewards March 30

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Local San Diego Radio Stations

These sites always have giveaways and sweepstakes going on:

GoFoBo / BHG / FloppyCats / ModernDogModernCatFamadillo / Eat Your Books / YA Books / Author AXP / TCBR / Inside The Magic / WriterSpace

Hotronic Heat Socks / Ends January 6

Hotronic XLP One PFI 50 Heated Ski Socks

Angel’s Blogiversary Day 1 / Ends January 10

Angel’s Blogiversary Day 2 / Ends January 11

Galen Leather (Referral) / Ends January 11

Angel’s Blogiversary Day 3 / Ends January 12

$25 Amazon / Ends January 12

Amazon Giveaway: Text and Confused

Secrets in Savannah / Ends January 13

Fae Hunted (Referral) / Ends January 15

Block 18th

$10 Amazon / Ends January 15

Journal & Mask / Ends January 15

$10 Amazon / Ends January 28

$15 Amazon / Ends January 31

January 2022 Published Book / Ends January 31

January 2022 Book Giveaway

FloppyCat Toy (Referral) / Ends January 31

Blackhole Catch The Tail Cat Toy Christmas Edition

Into the Light (Referral) / Ends April 1

Into the Light: A Limited Edition Collection - Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, and Urban Fantasy Stories of Justice and Equality


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