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𝐺𝑢𝑛𝑛𝑒𝑟: She’s always been there, it’s not like I haven’t noticed, I have. I wanted her once, long ago, but it’s forbidden, she’s off limits, a club sister, Steel’s sister. The more I try not to think of her or want to touch her, the more I can’t stop. She’s under my skin. Clawing at my heart. I know I have to stay away but she’s like forbidden fruit, the one thing I can’t have and the sinner in me wants to corrupt her in every way I can; taint her like only I know how. And I will, at least for a while. I always get what I want. Always. Even if it means breaking hearts.

𝐿𝑖𝑙𝑦: He’s within reach but always so far away. For the longest time I’ve watched and waited, admired him, ached for him, all from a distance. But now my time has come. It’s now or never. He’s all wrong for me, I know that. I’ve always known, but it doesn’t stop me wanting him, it never will. The question is, can my heart ever recover or beat again the same way when he’s finished with me? Or will I live to regret laying my heart on the line and baring my soul to the one man who has the

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Yearning Years

The book, Gunner, starts this off five years in the past with Lily, little sister (and at this moment 18 years of age) to the Sergeant at Arms, Steel, of the local motorcycle club, Bracken Ridge Rebels. Keeping our eyes out for the one she’s been lusting after, Gunner (23), currently a prospect. Once their eyes make contact, the world falls away, and a plan hatches in her mind that sparks then fizzles before it could end.

Present day, Lily’s goals and dream of going into the beauty industry and opening a salon back home I’ve come to fruition. Gunner, haunted with his emotional and traumatic childhood, aligns his goals and dreams to be alongside her, but still maintains distance leaving her still wanting, but emotionally crushed.

This is honestly a very sweet, and a bit steamy, friends to lovers style romance. The pain from Gunner’s past has left him vacant and feeling broken. His story is truly heartbreaking and how it affects him even to the present day. I enjoyed how Lily and him grew together.

There’s a lot of characters that branch off throughout the book; most can be read about and understood in detail in the first book of the series, Steel. I enjoyed how the author wrote them in though with just enough of a backstory to give you the feeling of who they were and how they fit into both Lily’s and Gunner’s lives without making you feel like you missed information. Plus, teaches you information for future books in the series.

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