The Act

By Stella Gray

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THE ACT (The Charade #2) by Stella Gray

Release Date: April 13th

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It was always going to end in heartbreak.

You can’t pretend-marry the man you secretly love and escape unscathed.

Ford has never hesitated to ask for my help before, but this is the farthest he’s asked me to go. Not that I ever say no to him.

Even when I know I should.

Sleeping with my husband is the best worst idea possible.

It’s everything I dreamed it would be.

But everything to me is nothing to him.

And he’s not the only one I’ve made promises to.

Book Two in the Charade Series.

Prologue has us with Ford as a sophomore in high school mopping up and putting a stop to the torment that created Mara Zoric’s life due to her father’s fall from grace.

The first book in the Charge Series ended with Emzee being presented by her “fake” fiance’s parents with a solution that would help to clean up her family’s Bravta misfortunes. Divorce at 1-yr.

The Act immediately has us wondering what parts are real and what parts are a sham from feelings to “acts” as they have to pick and choose between family and their friendship, or mayhap lust and love. Both afraid they are going to end up with a broken heart at the end of the original 12 month “friends with benefits” agreement.

As more secrets unfold, more are unearthed. Leaving you on the cusp, on the edge, of it’s cliffhanger.

Side note:

Honestly, I dislike Ford’s mother in both books sooooo much and, therefore, Ford at times. How she would demean and demoralize Mara on a continued basis while Ford did nothing, not even stick up for Mara through most of it. Pretending everything was fine. Grrrrr!


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About The Author:

Stella Gray is an emerging author of contemporary romance. When she is not writing, Stella loves to read, hike, knit and cuddle with her greyhound.

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