Hodge Podge Smoothies!

Hmmm… 🧐


Having had one too many (or several) surgeries on my abdominal area due to one botched exactly 4,933 days ago (yes, I Googled that) my digestion capabilities “have gone to the dogs”.

Still doesn’t stop me from creating adventures with my kids!

Nature hikes AKA having fun with sling shots as well

Progressively getting worse through the years and fixes to other parts…. I at least have one definite surgery left and one tentative procedure left.

Yay me 😒

I have tried the B.R.A.T. diet which works wonderfully well (sans the rice ~ better than saying B.A.T. diet 🦇) immediately after, but getting into a normal diet of meals has been difficult.

Smoothies have definitely filled the gap on my lack of hunger, but know I need to eat, plus gives me the vitamins and minerals my body needs.

Following smoothie recipes are great, but not my style.

Enter my Hodge Podge Smoothies:

Best picture I could selfie LOL

For every piece of fruit that is about to go bad, I place it in a Ziploc bag and in the freezer it goes. As more fruit goes in, it becomes a hodge podge of various fruits. I also have a few co-workers who cannot stand beautifully ripened fruit, so they bring them in for my kids and I. Excess goes in the freezer bag of mixed fruits. Less smoothie prep work.

We are not picky eaters and love kiwi, cantaloupe, berries, and more. Admittedly, certain fruits do not freeze well; these are the freshly chosen ones that perfectly balance the smoothie.

Cup’s clean, just realllllllly well-used

I normally go half-fresh and half-frozen. When I have greens or avocados, those go in as well to add some nutrients.

May even add peanut butter, almond butter, or other protein as well. If I happen to have a pack or sample of protein powder, it goes in instead.

Mmmmm soooo good!

I add the liquid du-jour next: Could be aloe water, flavored aloe water, coconut water, flavored coconut water, or juice.

Currently using Mango Aloe Water With Aloe Pulp

Whatever I have that is open or next in line before expiring.

If the smoothie has a bit too many fruits and veggies that lean towards bland, I add a couple drops of Blue Agave Syrup.

Low Glycemic Sweeteners are a must

Agave Syrup: A little goes a long way for sweetness.

Blend, grab, and go.


Love this attachment

After my morning cup of coffee at work, I partake in the Smoothie-Of-The-Day.

One thing:

No two smoothies are ever the same.

My morning selfie at work for real this time

Hence, Hodge Podge

Yeah, no real recipe for these

Bonus = My kids LOVE them all

So, don’t be afraid! Get in your kitchen and start clearing out your fridge and freezer!

So, what’s in your smoothie?

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