NewAir 126-Can Beverage Fridge

Why get a separate refrigerator for beverages? While this is an exceptional fridge for entertainment purposes, it also adds the ability to de-clutter a family refrigerator. It’s amazing how much space beverages outside the gallons of milk I end up having in my regular refrigerator especially with three kids!

NewAir 126-Can Beverage Fridge | AB-1200X

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Truly excited about this beverage refrigerator for those reasons! Yes, it CAN hold 126 cans in its 3.4 cubic feet of interior storage (that’s 21 six-packs for visual representation), but it can hold so much more than cans. Thank you to NewAir for sending me their 126-can one for testing purposes!

Let’s talk about the specifications:

Coming in at just under 65 lbs after shipping, it is still easy to move and place where needed. Easy to set-up and start-up; remember to keep up right for a few hours to allow the compressor to settle back down from shipping just in case. Two adjustable knobs / legs towards the front of the fridge allow you to lower or heighten as needed.


Stainless steel finish gives the ability to match almost any decor with double pane glass to ensure continual temperature containment between 34 and 64 degrees. Cools contents quickly and keeps them cool; I keep mine on 2 which keeps everything just cool enough seen as it isn’t even breaking 70°F in my house right now. A quiet hum and being able to turn the interior light on or off gives this an estimated yearly operating cost of $61 as per the Energy Guide (12¢ per kWh)


The seven metal adjustable racks / split-shelves can be moved and shifted to your heart’s content for different beverage containers:  Cans and bottles of various shapes and contents.

For this tired mama with three growing kids, that means some beer, margaritas, wine, soda, nectar cans, juice pouches, apple snack pouches, and their water bottles. So many variations you can do; move the shelves up and down, backward, forward!

While I currently do not worry about my kids’ ability to correctly choose the right choice of beverage, I do like the fact that the fridge has a locking capability.

As for the handle, I can take it or leave it. Install is easy, just ensure you move the gasket to the side to screw the two screws through the door and into the handles. I ended up having to leave it off due to one of my fur babies having the tendency to whack her head… Yes, she is special; has nothing to do with the design of this beverage fridge.

Sleek, Stylish, Versatile

Sleek and stylish inside and out, this has the finite details that put this above a regular beverage cooler.

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What would you put in this beverage fridge?

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