Mermaid Bracelets

Fads come and go through the decades

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I should know, I am a 70’s “love child”

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I would still wear those shoes today!

Mermaid looks using sequins are H-O-T and are popping up everywhere from shorts to pillows and backpacks. So, move on over fidget spinners for the new mind-captivating mermaid bracelets!


These velvet-lined sequin slap-style bracelets I received discounted come in 5-pack, 10-pack, and 20-pack of multi-colors.

With and without lighting effects:


Reversible-colored sequins in Purple/Silver, Teal/Silver, Light Pink/White, Teal/Purple, and Pink/Pink in all the colors of the mermaid!


Use these for an under the sea, mermaid themed party, egg hunt basket filler, Halloween costume, donate them to your kids’ school fair, great stocking stuffer idea, or make a memorable party favor for all the mermaid friends!

Really well made; no loose stitching nor sequins and has so far gone through hours of fidgeting play with the sequins. Non-irritating cloth and the slap-band inside holds true to the shape.

My daughter has even used a few on her dolls as part of her “fashion designer clothes” runway show.

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These are going to go great with the pair of mermaid leggings I just got her

What was your favorite or dreaded fad growing up?

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