Dove Men+Care

Dove Men+Care believes that care makes a man stronger.

I received the Extra Fresh line of Dove Men+Care via Influenster for the man / men in my life.

My man / men are my sons, my eldest who is wanting to learn more about being able to take care of himself as he grows into a young man. Being a single mom, he looks to me for help when making these choices which I am more than happy to help him with.

Let’s start from the top of the shower routine and work our way through to the after shower moments with Dove Men+Care

Fortifying Shampoo + Conditioner

“Fresh & Clean”

2-in-1 Formula deeply cleans and invigorates the hair with caffeine and menthol; “Engineered for men’s hair”. Looking through the ingredients listing, it is half the length of my shampoo even with this being a duo shampoo and conditioner.

Lathers up nicely, doesn’t seem to strip hair, but does an in-depth cleaning that you can actually feel the warm tingling happen. Not burning, but a tingling and fresh sensation due to the menthol (menthol carbomer to be exact). Cleans out all his hair gel, sweat, funky odor (hey, I’m his mom LOL), and oils without stripping nor leaving any residue.

Scent is warm menthol vice “burn your nose hairs when you sniff it”; it’s a very comforting scent.

The bottle is very shower friendly, sounds weird I know, but the bottle isn’t truly round. It has a defined edged for easier gripping and the lid is angled with a slight recessed lid. Easy to open and close, no fumbling here.

Truly leaves your head “Fresh & Clean”!

Body & Face Wash


“Extra Fresh”

Micromoisture with a cooling agent. This body wash for men cleanses and helps to hydrate for strong, healthy skin while delivering cooling refreshment and skin comfort.

While I have used menthol-based body washes before, my eldest son never has, so needless to say he conveyed his surprise at the “cooling” feeling this body wash leaves certain parts if not careful to wash quickly off.

What is this micromoisture? Activates when lathering; it’s those microbeads you see.

Consistency is thick gel and scent isn’t overpowering, even my son thinks so and he isn’t fan of sharp nor pungent scents. Scent is earthy with the underlying hint of menthol that dispenses with some extra effort from the bottle. Leaves his skin feeling soft and clean, not dried out nor irritated.

He isn’t a fan of using this for a face soap however, he likes his separate face wash which is more mellow with a tea-base vice menthol.

Body + Face Bar

“Extra Fresh”

Invigorating formula and scent with 1/4 moisturizing cream packed into this bar that lathers up and rinses off easily. Of note is that the bar is smaller than most of the bars of soap I am used to buying leaving one to believe that he will be going through this bar rather quickly. Flip side is that it leaves his skin more moisturized than other bars of soap, plus it doesn’t cause him to break out; it is dermatological tested as all Dove products are.

Slightly green in color, the scent is more reminiscent of “just soap” vice menthol like the body gel counterpart to the Dove Men+Care Extra Fresh line.

Worked great as a body soap, but he isn’t a fan of using this for a face soap. He enjoys his separate face wash which is more mellow with a tea-base vice strongly scented.



“Extra Fresh”

Dy spray giving him “48 hours or powerful protection” in a non-irritant formula.

Of note this is an antiperspirant which primary usage is “reduces underarm wetness” with the active ingredient being aluminum chlorohydrate (20.2%).

I delved a bit more into this product than the rest of the Men+Care Extra Fresh line due to the aluminum and wanting to ensure this wouldn’t irritate him before.

* ¼ moisturizer technology that helps protect against irritation

* 100% alcohol-free formula

There are several pros versus cons when looking at switching to spray-on deodorants vice stick or gel. These are easier to take on the go especially in hot climates like where we live; flip side is the fact it’s an aerosol can in the heat. Melted deodorant or heated can, fine line there.

Accurate spray radius and it hasn’t left any residues on his arm pit nor clothes. Scent is herb-like to me with a hint of soap; I like it and so do my sons (I sprayed them both).

I cannot attest to the 48 hours of protection seen as he takes showers daily, but he does smell great and hasn’t had any funky smelling days with it on.

What is your favorite scent to smell on others?

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