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Saint + Sinner

Eau De Parfum

For the past 8 years, devoted fans and followers on social media have begged Kat to revive the Saint + Sinner fragrance collection.


Now #TheResurrectionIsReal

Kat’s most requested product of all time has returned more special than ever.

Same original scents in completely revamped bottles, which Kat spent months lovingly hand-sketching until every detail was perfected.

I received these complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster which means, I was one of the lucky first to try the new Saint + Sinner fragrances!

I had loads of fun creating a “look” which I felt embodied them for me.

Meet Saint eau de parfum

Dreamy, Romantic, Alluring

I found the scent to lean toward sophistication with a bit of sharpness to it.  The fragrance gave me nostalgic references through its notes of vanilla and hints of amber.  It worked very well with my pH as I tend to lean towards woods, spices and citrus.  The scent lasted all day and I received many compliments at work and from my kids too.  This works perfectly for work, a night out, a romantic moment and more.  Light enough to be demure yet, sharp enough to ensnare your prey.

Review:  4 out of 5 stars Light & Demure With Nostalgic Notes

Meet Sinner eau de parfum

Dark, Sultry, Empowering

While this has less of a sharpness to it than Saint, it envelopes me in a heady warmth that touched my soul.  Seriously well blended fragrance with just the right amount of warmth with an undertone of spice.  Need I say temptress?  This worked amazing with my pH as I do lean towards woods, spices and citrus; trust me when I say floral scents on me come off like a hooker from a hard weekend.

Review:  5 out of 5 stars Warm & Spicy With A Tempting Undertone

These are both beautifully crafted fragrances which I will continue to use from workday to romantic evenings.

There are two sides in all of us

Which one will you choose?

Sinner chose me

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