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March 2017

What is Pinch Me? Register then answer a series of questions about your household and shopping habits in the Member Profile. They learn what you like and offer samples just for you.  Pick samples you are eager to try; samples are only available on their Sample Tuesday which is normally the second Tuesday of the month.  They ship your box full of samples directly to you for free.  Once you’ve had a chance to try your samples, complete a short feedback survey to tell them what you think of the samples.  They let the brands know your thoughts.

These normally take a month to come in the mail so, these products I actually chose in February.

You will always be one month behind in samples and feedback with Pinch Me; annoying but, worth it in the end.  The opportunity to try before you buy!


Sensodyne ~ Deep Clean:  I have had to use Sensodyne on and off throughout my years; did you know that one of the side effects of pregnancy, especially post-pregnancy, is sensitive teeth?  Plus, having a tooth chipped from my sister bashing my head into a sink faucet when I was around 11 years old makes for a bit of sensitivity even to this day.  Never tried their Deep Clean before and I have to say that I truly liked it; maximum strength with fluoride left my teeth feeling very clean with a lasting freshness to boot.

Slimfast ~ Smoothie:  I have always been a fan of SlimFast’s shakes and diet products even though I have never had a need to truly diet to lose weight.  I enjoy their shakes as an added calcium and protein boost to my daily diet (diet as in a normal routine).  I received a pack of their 4-hour hunger control powder meal smoothie in creamy chocolate.  Each serving contains 20 grams of protein, 4 grams of fiber and 24 vitamins and minerals.  Mixed with 8 oz of 2% milk even though it states to use fat free and all the numbers are based off of using 8 oz of fat free milk; guess I am a rebel.  I may sound biased but, SlimFast has time and again for over two decades tasted great to me.

Mepilex ~ Border Lite:  Hospital quality wound care dressing that is exclusively sold at CVS Pharmacy.  It is an all-in-one absorbent foam dressing that creates a faster healing environment and is ideal for draining wounds to get it to clot faster.  Protective, water resistant barrier keeps out dirt, bacteria and viruses.

BeneFiber ~ On The Go!:  The claims of their product being taste-free, grit-free is all dependent on how well you stir or shake the contents with your beverage of choice.  If you do, then it truly is grit and taste free.  Each single-serving pack contains a portion of the recommended daily dosage of fiber that helps support good digestive health.  I am going to be packing a couple with me when I go to the hospital for surgery next week seen as the medication they give and a side effect of the surgery is constipation but, you have to be able to have a regular bowel movement in order to be released from the hospital.  These will be my friends next week.

Controlex ~ Control GX:  This is a “Just For Men” Grey Reducing Shampoo designed to gradually reduce grey.  Designed for any shade of hair by gently cleaning and revitalizing your hair giving you natural-looking results.  Loads of safety warnings and cautions; highly recommend reading and following the directions to a ‘T’.  Get the look you want by using this as you would your regular shampoo until you have reached the amount of grey reduction you like.  Once you have reached your desired result you can reduce the frequency of use, alternating with your regular shampoo a few times a week to maintain your look.  Not designed to get rid of 100% of your grey, so the look is always natural.

Shutterfly ~ Photo Book:  Promo code for a free 8×8 photo book (20-page photo book).

Ready to become a Pincher with me?

Which of the products from this un-boxing “wow’ed” you?

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