Geometric Cardigan

Geometric Cardigan By Zeagoo

At 5’9″ with a borderline petite frame I find clothing that fits me how I want it to, well, very difficult to find.  When it comes to Asian sizes they not only measure in cm (as most of the world does) but, with a “manual measurement” which means, by their hand-over-hand method and is normally 1-2 cm off which almost all of them attest to.

With this cardigan I knew that while a size small would fit perfectly in body, it would not fit in arm length which I am fine with so, chose a small as a medium would not have fit my shoulders well.  All-in-all I would have to say that you should go with your normal US sizing when choosing this one.   I do not recommend wearing anything with sleeves underneath; tank tops work very well with this.

The length on this cardigan is very impressive and covers my full backside and derriere, comes to the front to a point hovering over my knees, and the opening in front while loose, does not billow.  The sleeves are 3/4 on me which I knew they would be.

Material is 97% Polyester and 3% Spandex making this soft and able to keep me warm with just a little bit of give to ensure it does not feel stiff nor confining.

This cardigan comes in three different color schemes:  Green-Orange / Purple-Blue / Red-Yellow.  All very bright and vibrant with shocks of white thrown in around the thick black borders of the pattern.  The patterns on all three of their color schemes has geometric shapes in an asymmetrical pattern.  Stitching is well done throughout and have had no fraying instances even after a normal wash and drying cycle.

Very casual yet, makes a fashion statement.  Easy to pair with a dark pair of jeans or jeggings, a top with minimal sleeves, and shoes or boots.  Have received many compliments when worn to work and out and about running errands with my kids.  Received for free for testing and sharing.

Which color scheme would you choose:  Green-Orange / Purple-Blue / Red-Yellow?

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