Leopard Boots

Leopard Suede Ankle Booties By Goldie 21

They are suede and suede has a distinguishable scent to it; highly recommend airing them out for a few days before you put them in a closet where they will be closed up.


I am normally and 8 ½ in these types of shoes so I chose an 8 ½ in Leopard print and they fit perfectly in the main body area but, I was surprised at how much of a gap there is in my toe area.  Around ¾” of space from my toes to the tip of the shoes; I may get a gel insert for the gap.  I wear these with “invisible” socks I wear with flats.

No real curvature for the soles and my feet have cramped up later in the evening each time I have worn these; that happens to me with all shoes that do not have very good sole support.

The foot pad area is not flat but, curved to allow for a more natural walk vice a clunky Godzilla-like walk (best analogy I have folks).

The padding on the bottom though is very soft, almost like thick felt but, with more give, and even after the first time I wore it I had pebbles and such embedded in the padding.  The bottoms are going to get destroyed fairly easily so, I will need to be mindful of where I am going in these.

These have gone well with capris and jeans.  I have gotten numerous compliments wearing them; women love them and the men balk at my height in these (I am already 5’9”) LOL.

Overall these are really comfortable while wearing them even with the gaps and fit.  I work from 6AM until 2PM and walk from building to building a lot plus, numerous flights of cement stairs without a hitch or trip in these.  At the end of the day I only have a few indentations from the shoes around my ankle area and no blisters what so ever.  So happy I was chosen to review; these are sexy!

What animal print is your favorite?

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