Biohazard Coffee

Biohazard Ground Coffee By Biohazard Coffee Co

My history for you on how I can attest to the claims of this coffee:  I grew up in Europe so, yeah, I have lived a life on good strong coffee.

Biohazard Ground Coffee, 16 Ounce

This is definitely a smooth coffee vice harsh and bitter with a buttery taste that lingers on the palette.  Nor is this a dark roast; the grind is not fine but, a bit on the semi-coarse side and coloring is notably very light plus, when brewed it has an almost red tint to the liquid coffee itself.  I found these odd seen as the description of this makes one invision “darker” in all aspects.

Want harsh?  Join the Navy ~ this BioHazard is definitely NOT the world’s strongest coffee as it claims.  This IS a good coffee though because, like I said, it has a smooth and buttery taste.  I felt no difference afterwards with the 200% more caffeine content nor did my morning constitutional routine change in any way.

There is a difference on the flavors though when I make it in a French Press vice drip coffee maker.  It is a bit bolder from the French Press as it should be but, still has a smooth finish to it.  

The packaging does not state even where the beans are from except that it is distributed in Brooklyn, NY.  I have had a couple other coffees that are from Brooklyn and they are all very good too; all with the same smooth and buttery finish.  Not bad, just noting similarities.

Another note on the packaging is that they have filled the 16oz full to 16oz.  Only barely enough room to cut a slip off the top to gain access so that also means that closing is difficult at the beginning until you have used enough to have enough flap to close with.

All-in-all I like this coffee but, the claims and hype versus what it is, figuratively leaves a bad taste in my mouth.  Disclosure:  I received this product discounted however; this in no way influenced my review.  I only write honest reviews regardless of whether I purchased a product at full price, at a discount, or received it free.

Do you like acidic or smooth coffees?

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