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Several different bright and fun sun hats made from 30% paper straw and 70% polyester; a very breathable material that is also flexible and am able to fold it up when on the go.  I received the bright yellow hat at a discount.  These are really neat designs and how they are linked together; different patterns and colors of fabric sewn together into a spiral / ribbon braid hat.  The brim is 3 1/2″ wide and is able to shade my face, neck, and décolletage.  It has a strap of elastic to help during windy days; when worn with the strap in place it does bring the brim down slightly.

Men’s Reflective Running Jacket By HUMBGO


I received this directly from the company in China for me to review and even though this is a men’s sized large it fits me perfectly plus, was able to comfortably fit my eldest son with the exception of the sleeves which go 6″ past even my wrists.  Exterior material is roughly 75% reflective tape material but, the black material is extremely stretchy so, a person who weighed 30-40 lbs more than me would be able to wear this easily.  The whole interior is lined with mesh making this breathable yet, the exterior makes this windproof and waterproof.  Three pockets; two roomy side pockets and one smaller pocket located on the upper left arm area.  This is truly technology meets outdoors. 

Girl’s Cowboy Ryder Boots By Cute To The Core


My daughter wears a size 2 1/2 and I decided on a size 3; there is enough room in the toe areas and are comfortable.  When she initially tried them on she found it difficult because of the internal plastic frame in the heel areas; I reshaped them by bowing those outwards to get her heel in and have had no issues since.  The soles are thick black rubber with an almost plastic feeling; they scuff everything!  We have been lucky in cleaning the smaller scuffs with just plain warm water and a slightly damp cloth.  Linoleum floors will need to be scrubbed to remove the scuffs though.  She does love them but, has to be very mindful of the heels.  Received at a discount.

Spring Tote By Crest Design


They have several totes to choose from and I decided on a spring-themed tote in pink covered in various flowers to review for a discount.  For this to be my go-to purse I decided to put a purse organizer in it.  The tote does come with two open pockets and one zippered compartment inside.  The material is made from polyester and is easy to spot-clean; the handles and clasp flap are made from PU leather.  It is lightweight yet durable and fits nicely into my lifestyle, truck, and drawer at work.  Adds a splash of fun to my outfits.

Ankle Boot Bootie By City Classified


Perfect start to Spring ~ Peep toed shoes with heels.  I chose the beige color in size 8 1/2 discounted and it was true to size.  I have small ankles so, there is a bit of a gap.  The material is easy to clean and the cushioned interior plus supportive arches makes these very comfortable to be able to wear for several hours at a shot.  The back of the boot is wide and has a Velcro strap vice a buckle; awesome idea for an amazing pair of heeled bootie ankle boots.

 PU Leather Print Tote by Rimen & Co


They have different color schemes with the same type pattern and I decided on the red to do a video review on.  Denim on the sides with a red animal print and PU leather handle straps running the height and entirely covering the bottom which has 4 golden-colored feet to ensure the bottom does not get rubbed nor scratched up when being placed down.  The red print is also inlayed with metallic silver and gold studs punched into the material giving it a non-stop sparkling appearance.  Two sets of different handles for two different ways for varying looks:  (1) With the PU leather handles you have the red print as the front and the denim as the sides.  (2) With the golden accented link chain with PU leather running through it you now have the denim as the front and the red print as the accenting sides.  Large capacity tote:  Can fit two 2-gallon milk jugs in this and still have plenty of room for some potatoes. The interior of the tote has satin feeling cheetah print with one zippered pouch and two pockets on alternate sides. 

Red Retro Scarf By Embolden Jewelry


The exact label for this is the “Red Crinkle Vintage Retro Bohemian Style Soft Silky Scarf Shawl”.  Seriously though it is quite large and encompasses me even.  The material is soft yet, has a bit of flexibility to it due to its thinness.  Can be worn as a shawl, headdress, regular looped scarf, many ideas and the scarf is flexible enough to do it plus, the “crinkle” effect makes this look thick and warm.   Received free from Embolden Jewelry.

Scarf Hanger By Adorox


I have been using a hat / coffee mug hanger for my scarves and while effective, my lighter scarves and ones with heavy emblems tend to fall off when I open the door they are on.  

This wooden hanger is 17” in length and 5/8” in width.  Each of the 10 holes are 1 1/8” in diameter and accommodates thin scarves and tiny belts with ease.  

The wood is smooth both on the exterior and the holes themselves; no snagging of the scarves as I pull them through.  Light in color; no scratches noted.  Complements my décor quite nicely.

The actual metal hanger itself was a bit loose when I received it however; I just did a few extra turns on it and screwed it in more firmly; no longer loose now.

All-in-all:  Sturdy, effective, small footprint, versatile, and complementary in looks.

Disclosure: I received this product discounted however; this in no way influenced my review. I only write honest reviews regardless of whether I purchased a product at full price, at a discount, or received it free.

Big Boys’ Snorkel Coat By Nautica


Extremely well made winter jacket.  I have owned Nautica apparel before and have always been impressed by how well they were made.  I opted for size XL for my eldest son who currently wears a size 12; I wanted next size for next year and room for him to grow.  Thick, warm, and soft.  Extremely pleased with my purchase and so is my son.

Purple Puffer Coat For Girls By Pink Platinum


This is definitely a stay away from this item review.  When I got this my daughter was age 10, size 8 but, slowly growing into a size 10.  I chose the size 14-16 for girls.  It was TOO SMALL already!  It barely fit her with her current size being around an 8 so, it is almost 3 sizes too small.  The threading and stitching was already frayed in a couple areas plus, it smelled really bad.  My daughter couldn’t bear to even try it on at first.  I recommend if you get it and keep it to wash it inside out.

Seen as I had washed it and everything we decided to just keep it for the current season and hope she will be able to squeeze into it this next winter season.


I was hesitant after reading other reviews on these due to sizing issues but, I still charged ahead with getting a size small for a discount which I normally wear in jeggings.  At 5’9″ pretty much all jeggings come up short on me to begin with but, these surprised me in that they actually fit me better in length than my other pairs.  Material is soft and stretchy plus, thick, warm, and not see through.  Black material at the waist is where the ability to stretch these over hips comes in.  The zippers are flashy and add a bit of attitude to them.  For washing purposes wash these inside out due to the zippers though and, as a minder, hang jeggings up to dry.

Women’s Tunic By Stanzino


Flowing shirt made of soft fabric that I chose in a burnt orange color for a discount.  The flash on my cellphone made it difficult to show its true color.  The material is breathable and has a bit of stretchiness to it.  There is a seam that runs right down the middle of the back; solid stitching and does not look awkward in my opinion.  It does wrinkle quickly so, as soon as the dryer is done you need to take it immediately out.  Fits perfectly; not tight, not loose, just right.

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