Guava Leaf Tea

Guava Tea Leaf By Guava DNA

 I already enjoy guava as it is; all types too.  I even have a guava “bush” (I chopped it years ago) in my yard and am able to feast on its fruit every year.  While I have the yellow fleshy ones; one of my co-workers has the pink fleshy ones.  We make jelly, can them, desserts, and so forth with them but, had never thought to do anything with the leaves.

The Guava Leaf Tea by Guava DNA smells EXACTLY like the leaves on my guava bush outside.  The tea came in a very large box and while some of the tea bags did shift; they were easily placed back in their little cubbies.

I brewed a one-to-one ration (1 tea bag per 1 fluid cup of water).  I use large cups for my tea so, I essentially do 2 cups / 2 tea bags.  Steep for 4 minutes and you can add sweeteners if you like but, I like my tea as it is personally; it brings the real flavors and scents out.

What I find funny is the picture on the box shows this as light and bright green; there is no way you are going to be able to accomplish this without making kiwi kool-aid or something.  The Guava Tea Leaf is a light honey brown and when how or warm is very natural tasting and earthy.  It tastes like it smells; a guava leaf.  Guava is one of those foods that is hard to describe to others who have not had it but, once you have some it is extremely distinctive.  The smell of a guava bush gives it away; literally.

The bags are solid; I haven’t had any strings fall off the tab nor the bag; you would be surprised at how much that happens to me with other tea bags.  Very easy on the stomach; no issues with digestion and yet, this has also not change my regularity from any spectrum.  I have given several of these out especially to my filipina friends and they have loved it so much; everyone has asked me where I got them ~ Amazon of course!

One of the biggest Pros for me on this tea is the fact that it is caffeine free which makes this a deliciously relaxing tea addition to my bedtime routine.  I also feel very comfortable allowing my kids to drink this tea due to this fact.  My sons have enjoyed this but, my daughter didn’t; she is at the “I want to complain about everything” phase though so, her input is invalid right now.  While I know the many benefits of the guava fruit itself, I did not know the leaf of the plant would be so beneficial to my intestinal health.

I really enjoyed the tea hot and warm but, when it cooled off?  WOW!  That is when all the flavors really came to life; from subtle and earthy to a cool and refreshing almost fruity tea.  It started turning every so slightly sweeter almost into a fruit infused tea.  Just subtle but, it upped the ante on it.  From hot to cold and mornings to night I have enjoyed it so far.  Can’t wait for the summer to start in so I can make sun tea with this.  I received the 120 bag pack of Guava Leaf Tea by Guava DNA at a discount.

Have you ever eaten guava?

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