Book Tour Review: The Virgin & The Bull

The Virgin and The Bull by Erato Genre: Noir Romance, Suspense Thriller Suicide, rape, murder — Love is a serpent more subtle than any of the field. Twenty-three year old Charles Macgregor had everything going for him, so why did he choose to take his own life? As the Sheriff-Depute of Edinburgh reads through his […]

Book Tour & Giveaway: SINdicate (Ends 4/20)

SINdicate The New Lyons Sequence #2 by J.T. Nicholas Genre: Science Fiction/Cyberpunk Noir Pub Date: 3/20/2018 The Post-Modern Prometheus Synths were manufactured to look human and perform physical labor, but they were still only machines. That’s what the people who used—and abused—them believed, until the truth was revealed: Synths are independent, sentient beings. Now, the […]