Legoland’s CA Holidays

Having just wrapped up from their spooky Halloween festivities, Legoland quickly turned around and hyped up their holiday extravaganza and festivities. What brings one out to Legoland during the holidays? During these days Legoland stays open later and I took my kids during the week of Thanksgiving and even though it took us over an […]

Taco Tuesday With Triceratops

Up the fun for your budding paleontologist with these Triceratops Taco Holders: Installation is a snap; just follow the directions and take note that each leg has a number stamped within and each hole socket on the main body has a number stamped to correspond to the leg.    1-2-3-4 Once your Triceratops has all […]

CLOSED ~ Holiday Giveaway ~ Yulu Toys (Ends 12/15)

Wonderful family-friendly games for your family’s gaming nights. Age recommendation for both is 6+ years of age. This post contains affiliate links if clicked on I may receive a small commission to support this blog.   Welcome to the Yulu Toys Giveaway! 2 winners This giveaway is part of our Holiday Gift Guide – Stop […]

CLOSED ~ Shark Week Giveaway ~ Ends August 25th!

It is Shark Week! We love shark week in our home. We look forward to it every year, it’s a big part of our summer. One thing I have noticed though is that it’s not all kid-friendly. My 8-year-old always wants to be involved but can’t watch all of the Shark Week shows due to […]

Illuminating Learning

I am very proud of my kids being avid learners and wanting to branch out into a lot of different subjects from in science and social studies.  This globe from Get Life Basics blends both subjects into an illuminating learning experience. As it is the globe itself is 13” in circumference and sits 3” above […]