Garnier #WholeBlends

Garnier Whole Blends Coco Aloe Shampoo & Conditioner I have only ever used samples of the various Garnier Whole Blends line, but they were not enough to form a full opinion of any particular one. While I am a huge fan of Garnier Fructis in general, I had not had a chance to truly experience […]

Finesse ~ Restore + Strengthen

Damage from the sun, heating products, color treatments, chemicals and environmental factors. Stress from finances, work, relationships, kids and life in general. Age and perimenopause. What do these all have in common? Hair that is lack luster, damaged, dry, frizzy and half gone.  Winter has wreaked havoc and now it is time to restore the […]

Detangling Hair Products

These detangling brushes by Purest Naturals should be changed to the “Miracle Brush”!   My daughter has thick, frizzy, curly and all around crazy hair which has been difficult getting her to take care of it by herself to keep it healthy.   This brush has literally been a life saver with her hair!  We have gone through […]