Archived Pet Review Posts

PR Grooming Glove Brush By Pet Supplies The grooming brush I received for free to review fits well on my hand and the material besides the brush is mesh which makes it breathable and very flexible to be able to curve to your pet’s contours and also be able to easily grasp and collect fur.  Worked […]


Melon Seed Necklace By J. Rosee Made from Sterling Silver 925 the necklace is very light and slender with each “seed” delicately linked to the next.  The clasp is much smaller than most plus it measures out to 15 1/2″ (16″ with the clasps) and not the described 18″.  Has the ability to go with many outfits especially […]

Decaf Coffee

Organic Decaf Coffee By Lifeboost Coffee When given a choice I 100% prefer Fair Trade coffee and the LifeBoost Brand Coffee is not only Fair Trade it is also organic, 100% Chemical-Free, non-GMO, and they use single origin Coffee Beans; location is Nicaragua. I am not a big decaffeinated person at all I admit however; […]