May-Day Mayday

Mayday as in S.O.S… It’s already May which means next month takes us halfway through 2017 already! I honestly feel like I have accomplished hardly anything so far and am beyond behind on dozens of “To Do” items.  From the last week of March until even now I have been healing and mending from surgery I had […]

Finesse ~ Restore + Strengthen

Damage from the sun, heating products, color treatments, chemicals and environmental factors. Stress from finances, work, relationships, kids and life in general. Age and perimenopause. What do these all have in common? Hair that is lack luster, damaged, dry, frizzy and half gone.  Winter has wreaked havoc and now it is time to restore the […]


Have you played around with bidding and auction sites?  Be honest now!  I admit to giving a whirl to various sites and apps (I am an Android lady) and have only recently become “lucky” with actual wins. Which site gave me this ability? Tophatter! They claim to be the world’s fastest, most entertaining marketplace with […]

My Pondering of 2016

I know most of my friends and followers on various social media can attest to 2016 not being up to par with how we were hoping. The year 2016 in review for me started with the love of my life dying from self-induced alcohol liver failure, I have been chocked full of personal medical issues, my […]

De-Stress With The Right Way To Shop

This is a sponsored post however; all opinions are my own.       In one week, Thanksgiving will be upon us and then starts the most wonderful time of year; the stress that comes with the Holidays!  From the hordes of shopping to feeling like every second ticking by is one step closer to tipping […]