Gold Plated Turquoise Ring By eManco The size of this ring by itself is impressive:  2″ length x 1″ width x 1 1/4″ depth.  The turquoise stone is smooth and it definitely adds a splash of color and shine to every outfit.  I am able to wear the size 7 I received at a discount and […]

Amri Dates

The Majestic Date Company Growing up overseas dates were a readily available staple and easy to incorporate into our daily lives from snacks to baked goods.  I have found this company to be the best so far when it comes to freshness and taste.  I have had the honor to taste a few of their […]

Walmart Beauty Box

Walmart Spring Beauty Box April 2016 These Walmart Spring picks provide beauty products that will help define beauty and put it in full bloom. Colgate:  Optic White Platinum ~ 3 fl oz of Glistening Mint What is it?  Anticavity fluoride toothpaste designed to visibly whiten your teeth by four shades and starts working in three days.  […]

Beauty Box Subscriptions to Health & Wellness to Clothes

I have tried out several subscription services and have found the following that I have listed here to be my favorite.  I will be updating each one with a current picture when I get it in and then testing each one so, check them out further and see my reviews on the awesome products that are in […]

Lifetime Jewelry Co.

Lifetime Jewelry Company They have been in business since 1978 and offer a 100% unconditional lifetime warranty and replacement on all of their jewelry.  They use 24k gold instead of 10k or 14k; no cheap metals like steel, copper, or nickel as a base.  They use a semi-precious alloy as a bonding metal to ensure […]