Bad Bad Girl

By Angel Devlin

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BAD BAD GIRL (Rats of Richstone #2) by Angel Devlin

Release Date: May 13th

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Tragedy has rocked Richstone and the ‘rats’ and ‘the riches’ may never be the same again.

Reeling from recent events, Phoebe Ridley finds herself numb. While she tries to come to terms with her grief, one thing keeps her focused.


With a list of people she vows to ruin, this good girl is going bad. Very, very bad.

And Liam Lawson? The guy who started the rats’ pact to ensnare one of the riches? He’s on her list too.

There are still games to be played.

Secrets to be revealed.

And all hell to break loose.

When the dust settles and her enemies have faced their ruin, will Liam be at her side, or on his knees?


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We start off with Phoebe, 16 days after watching her newly pregnant best friend, Flora, killed right in front of her due to an accident, but one in which haunts her. Too many "what if's" racing through her head. One in which she points directly at Liam, the one who created the chessboard, the pact, and made her a pawn along with all of her friends to include Flora.

Liam, unknowingly on Phoebe's radar, has his own eyes set on Ulric, who he deems to be primarily responsible for the accident that occurred leading towards three deaths. However, Ulric is already on the newly laid chessboard that has Phoebe in play as a pawn by her mother.

Stripping away her old life, she starts setting herself up to be the queen. Unlikely partners help push the pieces for the final play. 

Author creates a beautifully weaved chessboard for the reader. Plus, alludes to future books between happenstance characters throughout. Looking forward to more, hopefully!

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Angel Devlin likes to write about bad boys and billionaires. She lives in Sheffield in the UK with her partner, son, and fur baby.

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