Sweet Sacrifice

By Sav R. Miller

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I learned long ago that not all heroes wear capes.
Some don masks and armor to hide their battle scars.
Others are irreparably broken.
Princes without kingdoms.

Kings without crowns.I tried to fix the hero of my story.
But Iโ€™m afraid Iโ€™ve only made things worse.

I learned long ago that all people bleed evil.
Some don harsh wit and beauty to hide their truths.
Others are inescapably lost.
Princesses without castles.
Queens without subjects.

I tried to slay the evil in my story.
But Iโ€™m afraid some demons are permanent.

We first met Fiona and Boyd in the second book as we followed her brother, and his best friend, Kieran as he swam against his stream of demons and ghosts to his HEA. The second epilogue in it showcases Fiona in an unexpected situation… That epilogue is the occurrence of the final night in book three.

Book three opens up at a point in time prior… Paralleling Kieran’s and Juliet’s first physical encounter during book two with each other, at the fundraising event for Parkinson’s (Lewy Body), what Kieran’s and Fiona’s mother is slowly withering away from. Book two gave us glimpses on how Fiona and Boyd were reacting towards each other in front of others, book three delves into what was emotionally and physically happening.

Fiona and Boyd find they each have hidden emotional darkness and distract themselves and others from it. I really like how the author highlights and focused on different mental illnesses and how they affect people and those around them. The feelings emanating from the main characters and their POVs are wonderfully, and tragically, written in a slow burn romance way, but with violence and death in-between.

So, so happy that Kal Anderson’s book is coming out next!!!! Promises and Pomegranates.

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