Never Say Forever

By Donna Alam

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Release Date: February 25th

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“Behind every exquisite thing that existed, there was something tragic.” – Oscar Wilde

Fee – 25 yet old trying to call her friend Charles in a very disconnected place…. stuck upside a mountain and lost in the middle of the French countryside. Not only lost, but stranded with a flat tired Fiat and a dead phone. Following a triad of colorful spews in which happens upon her.

Monsieur Chevalier running from a past I’m driving up the mountain comes across her. Between exchanged innuendos but truthfulness, and without exchanging names they intertwine for the evening with her slipping like a ghost outside of the room she rented for the night…..

5 years later finds Fee with her 4-year-old daughter, Eloise (Lulu), surreptitiously with her best friend, Rose, helping her find a place temporarily for the evening when all else fell through in New York after not only trying to move to a new house, the school for her child and country from leaving England.

Being a small world that it is, the owner of the lodging Fee finds herself in belongs to one Carson Hayes III… Her one-night Monsieur who also has no forgotten about her.

With feelings not long forgotten and a past rife with dark secrets waiting to be exposed, this read had so many twists, turns drowning in those secrets hidden from not only each other, but their mutual friends.

As their past starts spiraling with the present creating an unknown future, it takes their combined love to overcome the shaky and convoluted lies and secrets to find their HEA.

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From the French countryside to Manhattan, falling for my one-night stand wasn’t supposed to be the plan.

Dear Mr Hayes,

I’m sorry you found me naked and floating in your bathtub last night.

And that you didn’t realise I was housesitting. How?

I’m also sorry I crept out of your bed five years ago without leaving my name . . .

My secret one-night stand.

In another lifetime, we might’ve been soulmates.

The memories of our passion have warmed my bed since.

I’m going to pretend I don’t see the way your eyes devour me,

And ignore how that makes me feel.

You’re wealthy, charismatic, and sinfully sexy.

And I burn every time you whisper my name.

But I can’t give in to you. Not again.

I know you’re hiding something.

I’m not that girl anymore.

My kisses aren’t trifles to be wasted,

Because single mothers aren’t afforded those luxuries.

Why must you be so hard to resist?

Falling in love with you was never in my plans,

Finding out who you really are could be devastating.

Dear Mr Hayes,

 you should never say forever if forever is a lie


An all-new standalone from Donna Alam featuring

✓ a sinfully sexy billionaire with secrets

✓ one red hot night with no names exchanged

✓ heart-racing chemistry

✓ lust and lies

About the Author:

USA Today bestselling author Donna writes dirty stories, according to her family. She hopes you find them funny, too.

When not bashing away at a keyboard, she can usually be found hiding from her family and responsibilities with a good book in her hand and a dog that looks like a grey mop by her feet.

She likes her humour and wine dry, her mojitos sweet, and her language salty.

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