The Lie

By Stella Gray

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THE LIE (The Charade #1) by Stella Gray

Release Date: February 23rd

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Book One of The Charade Series

Emzee Zoric, 23-years of age, whose father was actually an imprisoned international criminal, worked alongside her two brothers and Ford in their family owned, and revamped, modeling agency.

Revamped? Meaning their father had been using a modeling agency as a front for trafficking…. Once her brothers were able to help the FBI shut it down, they revamped the agency and cleaned everything up. In doing so, they made global enemies.

Ford Malone, Emzee’s oldest, closest, and most trusted best friend. Sorry, I honestly thought this character was a bit of a douche canoe for most of the book in my opinion. He had just recently become single, much to his mother’s dismay. In order to please her, not really appease her because she did not like Emzee, but more so to get her off his back, he lied and said they were dating. In order for the lie to work though, they had to stay fake dating for at least a couple months to withdraw suspicion.

This lie worked well for her though because she’d always been in love since their school age years when he was the only one to be there for her, and to stick up for her, during very cool and bullying years from freshman and on.

As their lie evolve and become twisted, more becomes at risk of being lost. Without an en in sight, a lying revelation comes to light before the cliffhanger closes it’s curtains before the second Act.

The book is predominantly written in her POV; out of the 27th chapters Ford’s POV is only three of them.

While there is a backstory for both of Emzee’s brothers, Stefan and Luca, there’s enough information to help fill in the blanks and complete a picture of them and their wives when needed. However, it does tease you and leaves you tantalizing wanting to dive right in to their separate stories.


The Act #2


The Truth #3



I’ve been to a million parties with my crush, but he’s never acted on it til now.

Ford Malone could have any woman in Chicago, so why fake a relationship with me?

The world knows him as the heir to a real estate fortune, but to me he’ll always be my best friend, the man who saved me from my bullies as a boy.

I’m as surprised as anyone when he announces our engagement, but I’ll play along.

Nothing has to change except the way we behave–the way we touch–in public.

But his private touches change everything.

Soon the crush I’ve hidden for so long is threatening to swallow me whole.

If I tell him how I feel, it could ruin our friendship forever.

But if I don’t, it might just ruin me.

How many lies can we tell each other before our truth is buried for good?

About The Author:

Stella Gray is an emerging author of contemporary romance. When she is not writing, Stella loves to read, hike, knit and cuddle with her greyhound.

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