Can’t Remember Dick

By Candace Gilmer

A Time Travel Paranormal Romance

Elemental Mythicals Book 1

The future. The past. It’s all relevant.

At least, when you can remember it.


I, unfortunately, can’t remember anything about my life before three years ago.

Especially not these big men, like this guy Richard, who seems to know me very well. (And ho-boy does he make my motor run).

I might have stayed away and avoided him. At least, until me and my sister needed help.

Now the past I can’t remember may be the only way I have to save her.

Because if what they’re saying is true, then I’m a time traveler, and I may have to figure it out if I’m going to save my sister.

Available on: February 11, 2021
Publisher: Flirtation Publishing
Cover Artists: Flirtation Designs

Genres: Dark RomanceFantasy and ParanormalMagicParanormal RomanceRomanceShifterTime Travel

While the book is considered a standalone, it does take place in the world of Mythical Knights/Vampire Mythicals.

The future. The past. It is all relevant. At least, when you can remember it.

That’s the original basis behind Can’t Remember Dick, the main character is an immortal, Aria Rosemonde de Kayne, can’t remember anything about her life before 3 years prior. age, she has seen centuries come and go. Shoved into the present she finds out that she’s a time traveler (Time Bender) and she knows that she must save her sister. But why does her sister need saving?

The past, and how it begins, is from when Aria is ripped from the middle of a battle into a white void to sit with her uncle and is given the chance, an opportunity, to essentially go on a vacation, to “turn it off”, away from the battles and away from the fighting and sport and killing of it all. The vacation would be urban, to be a part of the world as a human, or act like one. With the one will that she cannot go back in time and make any more changes. She must first-handedly see the changes that have occurred from her correcting the past.

This last 3 years…. Which started with a car accident that left a scar on one of her shoulders from a pole being punctured into it. That same accident is”wiped” her memories from everything before that point. I’m at the present time, during the during time frame of the three years, she works at bars and has an 18-year-old sister, Ashley, and a 16-year-old brother, Seth. Her parents seem to be stuck in the ’60s honestly.

Throw in some darkness and soul sucking Mythicals, Shelfevak, Werewolves, along with Templar Knights, sprinkles of Gods and Goddesses, and you have Aria stuck in the middle of a it all being surrounded by a past that she does not remember to include Richard, her literal and figurative knight in white shining armor, whose name can also be shortened to Dick. Yes, the title can go two ways either the figurative way or the “punny” way.

As realization sets in on why the “present” is as it is, death and all, she chooses to embrace her power to set a part of things right. But, just because you can’t change the past, should you? The is the twisted part to any power. While the ending isn’t really a cliffhanger per se, it ends in a kind of continuance mode and it’s definitely not 100% HEA

Having not read any of the other books in the connected series, I did feel a bit disconnected with understanding some of the words or characters. However, you’re still able to grasp the storyline because there’s enough definitions and written understanding built within all those moments.

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