By Mackenzy Fox

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Jaxon is every shade of wrong and a whole lotta right. When billionaire businessman John James hires Jaxon to guard his daughter, rich and privileged Morgan James, Jaxon’s high school crush, things go from bad to worse. He thinks she’s stuck up and spoiled, she thinks he’s arrogant and rude, together they may just take enemies to a whole new level.

She’s feisty. She’s gorgeous. She likes to play games. What Morgan doesn’t know is that I make the rules and only I get to break them. She can act all prim and proper and have her nose stuck in the air but one thing she won’t do is break any links in my well-guarded armor. 
I’ve been ordered to protect her, keep her safe, keep everyone at bay and I’ll do my job, the question is, can I keep my dirty hands off her? The only woman who’s forbidden and knows just how to get under my skin. 

He’s bad. He’s got attitude. He puts all other men to shame. The last time I saw him was 14 years ago and so much has changed. He thinks he can boss me around. He thinks I have to do what he says, well Jaxon Westbrook can think again. I’m no push over and I don’t take orders from him. He may be my bodyguard but I’m still the one calling the shots. He works for me. Even if my heart races and my body aches every time he’s close, I won’t let him see how he affects me. It’s my secret. I’ll win this battle. I’ll weather the storm, if it’s the last thing I do.
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Fateful Circumstances

Bad Boys of New York series first book.

Jaxon and Morgan’s story is a slow-burn, enemies to lovers, steamy romance for readers 18+.

He’s ex-Green Beret and currently owns some bars and dance clubs, she runs a marketing company and heads a charity for victims of sexual assault and domestic violence.

It had been 14 years since they had seen each other when
Morgan’s father, billionaire businessman John James, hires Jaxon, who crushed on her during high school, as a bodyguard to guard her, protect her, keep her safe. She harbors guilt for the way she treated him as he was bullied throughout their high school years, while he harbors anger.

As the days and weeks merge to months of him being her bodyguard, not only does the threat heighten against Morgan, but the slow burn starts to turn into one steamy romance that makes not only losing her life one of the things going against them but the loss of their hearts against each other as well.

Fateful circumstances brought them back together into an enemies to lovers trope as a bad ass bodyguard and snotty, up tight heroine towards their HEA. Looking forward to the rest of the series when written.

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