2020 Is Here, Are You?

Did you make a New Year’s resolution about fitness?

Me? Nope. No resolutions here, only goals. Yes, there is a definitive difference to me. Goals are measurable and can be completed with step processes.

Goal #1

Goal #1: Find me. Yes, this is a BIG point I have made for myself this year. I tried it last year, but 2019 completely overwhelmed me. I am only one person doing the tasks of several and, sometimes, up to a dozen people. No joke, ask my three kids. This goal will be multi-stepped of course and to be delved into another day.

Goal #2: Create more outdoor adventures with and for my kids. Memories filled with joy, laughter, and us. We enjoy nature and the outdoors in general. I would love to go camping with my kids and teach them how to fish this year. I have tasked my twins to support their youngest sibling how to ride a bike this year as well. Goal is at least twice a month; between their school hours and homework along with my work, the weekends are the only chance we get.

San Diego Zoo

Day three of the New Year has already seen my youngest and I at the zoo for several hours and parks, also for several hours. Beautiful weather has helped this of course. So, while fitness is not a part of my goals, they are an inclusive result from the steps needed.

Santee Lakes

These goals are truly difficult because they are based off others being aligned, who are instead manipulative and uncaring about what others may be doing (long story, it sucks #SingleMomLife). For these goals to happen, I have to be stronger and not let the actions of others put such a burden on my shoulders and heart, along with my kids’. We shall live our life, and they will live theirs not caring that it affects others.

My 2020 Word of the Year

Goal #3: Debt. I worked hard on this during 2019 and was able to pay off one credit card, but the year had many financial challenges from my twins’ orthodontics to having to level my mobile home, redoing plumbing, storage sheds out back, surgery for my oldest dog, new dishwasher, new windows for half my home, and doing some corrective maintenance on my entire roof. All this was accomplished by myself, except the windows because I went through Home Depot and had them do it, still my pocket book though.

My poor Eva

In 2020 I will have finished paying off my truck, however I need to replace all my tires and get it realigned here shortly. Plus, I am going to focus on the other credit cards that.

2021 Goals

Doing this, I can happily look forward to Goal #2 moving into 2021 and take my kids on a true vacation, vice continuous “staycations”. Don’t get me wrong, there is lots to do here, but I want to take my kids to places that will open their eyes and minds in awe.

Bucket List: Yosemite

I may not have any resolutions about fitness, but accomplishing these goals I will be healthier in mind, body, spirit, and soul.

My 3-2-1

Always remember, a happy mom is a happy home 😉

2019 Me

Learned a lot about others and myself during 2019 and, unfortunately, my sons and I had our eyes opened from a lot of negativity.

We prevailed and 2020 is here. We are here!

First up is surgery on my trio of cluster hernias! Let’s do this (again)!

How about you? Resolutions? Goals? Finding yourself is key to living a happier life in my opinion. Cheers to life!

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