Jingle Your Way to Legoland

Experience Holidays at LEGOLAND® from November 23 – January 5. There’s a 30-foot LEGO Christmas tree, LEGO costume characters, festive décor, shows and music!

Having dropped of my twin teens early on a Saturday morning, my youngest requested a trip to LEGOLAND with it just being the two of us.

My heart!

Dashing away up the 805 and 5 we go!

When we arrived, what do my eyes see?

Empty lines at almost all the rides!

We zip through to the Coastersaurus where it is o much fun, you get to go twice around through a prehistoric jungle of LEGO brick dinosaurs.

The Fairy Tale Brook was not accessible and beyond due to construction to build the newest addition coming spring next year.


With that, we headed back across to LEGO Ninjago The Ride:

Fireballs! Lightning! Shockwaves! Ice! 

After earning Ninja status, set sail for Coast Cruise

There are plenty of sights to see including the Taj Mahal, Eiffel Tower, Mt. Rushmore and a lakeside view of Miniland USA.

All from the comfort of the boat being captained with some corny jokes (mostly waffles actually).

Then my son allowed me to share his Aquazone Wave Racer

As we felt the wind in our hair while he drove the racer in and out, dodging water blasts.

As we pass through The Land of Adventure, we detour to Pharaoh’s Revenge for him to fire soft foam balls at other adventurers.

While the lines were still low, we continued up towards The Castle and Jousting Knights to tame and ride The Dragon. I always enjoy the scenes before the actual roller coaster part.

Time to unwind and kick up my feet at the largest playground I have seen, Castle Hill. Kids can climb up, crawl through, slide down, cross over and swing around on ropes, ladders and tunnels.

All three of my kids can be playing in there and I don’t even see them. But, no worries, there is a controlled entrance and exit.

It’s rescue time at Fun Town’s Police & Fire Academy! No pictures of this today seen as I was the one pumping the wheels to get across and help my son to shoot water to save the people in the burning building.

On a roll, he rolled to a stop before proceeding through stop signs helping him earn his LEGOLAND driver’s license! I am not looking forward to him driving my truck one day though…

One thing he cannot master driving though is a boat at Skipper’s School of Boating. It’s truly head scratching.

From one side of the park to the other, we are always zipping through Mini-land at least several times each time we visit.

From New York New York to New York City, I noted several buildings have been replaced with newer blocks.

The newest feature though is in The Big Shop:

LEGO says the Bugatti Chiron is the first full-scale movable car it’s attempted. Everything from the brake pads to the dashboard is made of LEGO parts. The engine uses 2,304 motors and 4,032 gear wheels from the Lego Technic parts catalog, which work together to create 5.3 hp and an estimated 92 Nm (roughly 68 lb-ft of torque).

Does the LEGO Bugatti Drive?

This LEGO Bugatti Chiron is drivable. Official Bugatti pilot Andy Wallace took the car for a test drive.

Another day, another memory thanks to LEGOLAND

For more information on LEGOLAND California’s Rides & Attractions, the Park is filled with more than 60 kid-powered, kid-tastic rides, shows and attractions all built for fun!

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