Legoland’s CA Holidays

Having just wrapped up from their spooky Halloween festivities, Legoland quickly turned around and hyped up their holiday extravaganza and festivities.

After several hours

What brings one out to Legoland during the holidays?

During these days Legoland stays open later and I took my kids during the week of Thanksgiving and even though it took us over an hour to get in it was mostly due to all the schools out for the holidays and a winter storm moving in in the next couple of days.

Even though Legoland was at its capacity, everything still flowed smoothly from rides to service to meet and greets and more.

When we first got into the park we bumped into hot dog man! How fun is that?

Never pass up a chance to take a picture with hot dog man!

As we are strolling through the park it feels open park, but that’s because we didn’t come here with going on rides in mind. Our goal was to see the sights with lights and bedecked with holiday cheer.

LEGO Master Builders!

We go to the largest playground I have ever seen and while my kids were having fun I went and got our favorite apple fries.

Grab a fork!


“Sharing” with me…

We retreat with our apple fries to Star wars and the other sections of Miniland.

I chose The Dark Side of course
Newest section is in the forefront with New York in the back

Ask kids what their favorite part of Legoland is and they will always say Miniland.


After Star Wars and other fun memories we went into Funland.

Lo and behold there was Lego Santa and his sleigh!

My favorite Santa character ~ LEGO Santa

How can you pass up a holiday picture with LEGO Santa? You can’t.

It’s lit up all over, but it’s extra sunny today

That is one giant LEGO Christmas Tree!

Up top, near the waterpark entrance, is Legoland’s Workshop where you can see the history of LEGO and watch machines create and package LEGO pieces and parts.

Lots of “I Spy With My Little Eye” fascinating pieces adorning the rafters above.

If you ever get a chance, do a behind-the-scenes here; it truly is a heartwarming and eye-opening experience.

Before we headed home we relaxed on a boat ride taking us through some wondrous architecture throughout the world:

We normally do a run through the Sea Life Aquarium before heading home. It’s open quite a bit later than Legoland and is open on days that Legoland is closed.

Until next time Legoland California

Legoland is more than just rides and LEGOs, it’s adventures and will spark your imagination at every turn.

Have you ever been to any Legoland? Did you play with LEGOs growing up? Do your kids? Grandkids?

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