Avenger’s Endgame x3

Why I went and saw Avenger’s Endgame THREE times in the movie theater:

The first time I saw it was with my youngest because my twins were supposed to see it with their dad opening weekend.

He is so much like me

Oops, they didn’t. So, the Monday after it opened I took my youngest back again, plus my eldest son. This time thinking my daughter was going to be going with their dad that week.

3 hotdogs, XL popcorn, Dibs ice cream, & my nachos…. He ate EVERYTHING

Oops again, she didn’t.

So, the following Friday I dropped my youngest off at the Overnight at the Zoo I had signed him up for and took my twins (eldest son and daughter).

3-2-1 Times

Admittedly by the third time, I was using the restroom any time I needed to without blinking an eye or rushing a hand wash.

So happy I won a year’s worth of movies at Regal Cinemas

I didn’t believe the poor PR lady when she contacted me either

As I sit here reminiscing this point, my kids are watching it next to me through our Amazon Digital Video Library.

Actually got him to smile
Took me several tries to get a pic
My ham

Yes, I bought it as well. Actually, the one with Bonus features.

How much?

Originally? $14.99 for HD

With digital credits saved specifically for this? $0

The key to getting it for as low as $14.99 even? Pre-Order a movie a couple months in advance and Amazon usually has their digital HD & SD for $14.99 vice $19.99 when the release date gets closer.

Eldest son had already cried a bit by this time

Plus, if at any time the price goes lower, they have a price lock guarantee on the lowest amount from when you pre-ordered.

The digital HD with Bonus Features is still priced at $14.99 currently.

Every time my daughter sees Tony, she starts crying

So, if you haven’t jumped on the Endgame bandwagon, you can catch up now if you wish:

Quite the emotional roller coaster from beginning to end

Lots of Marvel themed out there as well:

Who can’t say no to LEGO? I know I can’t!
I just can’t
#FatThor hurts my soul

Wrapping this up, getting the tissue ready, and going to go bake something now

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