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Let your kids discover a fun math universe.

Spark the interest of even the most indifferent math student!


To help kids solve math problems through math skill games in the most engaging and fun digital learning ecosystem in the world.


To provide math tutoring app for kids in an affordable and fun learning ecosystem that promotes critical thinking.

My youngest finds mathematics not as engaging in school as he would like to keep his interest piqued also he is a reluctant learner who has a hard time working on content he thinks he might not be able to do. His school has started with an on-line gaming-style supplemental product which he thoroughly enjoys and has helped him immensely, but it is only at school.

Youngest is pretending to snap his fingers like Thanos…

With summer right around the corner I was looking for a much needed tool to ensure not only my youngest’s but, all of my kids’ math did not have a chance to backtrack and with ZapZapMath I feel I have found the answer to what I have been searching for the last few summers.

I was chosen to test out ZapZapMath through an annual subscription.

ZapZapMath Curriculum

Zapzapmath has over 150 math lessons to practice, with a fully developed comprehensive curriculum that has been designed to mirror State Standards. Which is very important in California due to state testing starting in 3rd grade and Common Core Math starting in kindergarten. Their syllabus has been designed to incorporate Higher Order Thinking Skills in the fields of creation, evaluation and analysis. All of this combined into a game-based ecosystem of fun math learning for preschool, kindergarten and elementary kids!

Here is a listing of all the learning portals

With the incorporation of Higher Order Thinking Skills in its games, Zapzapmath brings kids all the way through creating, evaluating and analyzing math games and puzzles based on Bloom’s Taxonomy.

Bloom’s Taxonomy is a set of three hierarchical models used to classify educational learning objectives into levels of complexity and specificity. The models were named after Benjamin Bloom, who chaired the committee of educators that devised the taxonomy.

Touching back on Common Core and one of the reason’s why it was started is that everyone solves math problems differently, and conventional education methods may not be the best way to a learner’s understanding.

Being able to supply an exciting educational math game for kids that stimulates and engages children with intuitive game-based lessons is such a fantastic way for children, parents, and teachers to interact in an interconnected mathematical universe.

Exactly what I was looking for!

Parents, and teachers, are given the capability to monitor and track a child’s progression with topic breakdown so that you can identify any areas that your child may need elementary math help in.

Parent Portal

Now, to test it out:

Which ones to download through either iTunes or Google Play?

Grades 3 and 4 is perfect for my 9 year old to reinforce math learned and to ensure his base knowledge is solid.

Grade 6 is great for even those in middle school as are both my twins to continue their analogical and critical thinking processes.

The Fraction apps and the Multiplication Flash Cards are perfect for all of my kids and, dare I say, a quick refresh myself.

So happy this is here!

These are just the learning apps you can download to your phone or tablet.

Remember the blue listing above?

Those are the computer-based games you can have children play via computer, tablet, laptop, etc. directly through the website:

Zapzapmath logo

He chose to test out Grade 3 first:

Grade 3

These 3rd grade math games are designed to empower third grade students. Third grade math games offered by Zapzapmath contain the fundamentals of rounding numbers, quadrilateral shapes, and multiplication.

Third grade students can utilize this opportunity to learn more about different shapes, especially quadrilateral shapes, rounding numbers, and multiplication math education which will increase their skills in math theory.

The games are designed with a simple and concise approach which enables the students to learn the basics of the aforementioned topics with fun. Third grade students will find it to be an exciting adventure as it offers them the chance to explore their creativity and enjoy learning.

Skills that can be learned


Understanding the basics of multiplication

Rounding numbers

Knowing how to round numbers to the nearest ten


Categorizing shapes based on their attributes

All the learning portals are designed as such with three separate learning games for each one.
Answer, Level-Up, Achieve Rewards

Level Up ~ 4th Grade

I had him test out the 4th grade “Missions” for addition/subtraction and multiplication/division in various ways:

App via tablet:

Didn’t go landscape, but just up-righted the tablet

App via cellphone:

Site via computer:

Multiplying groups
Common Core = being able to group

I created the account with e-mail and password,

then added who would be accessing.

Each account is given a username and password created by the system:

Choose which grade and how to play:


With a little more instruction for him to be able to effortlessly glide through the website learning part of ZapZapMath he will become more comfortable with where he wants to go.

The Apps were super easy to install and, after logging in, he was enjoying himself immensely and was asking for more time to play with the various apps.

I decided to also download the 6th grade apps to my eldest son’s cellphone. While he may be going into 8th, having a solid baseline of mathematics is very important. Plus, it will occupy some time during summer break and once school starts back up in July, the follow-on breaks as well.

Quality screen time that is both fun and engaging.

The games build number sense, operational fluency, problem-solving strategies, and give teachers and parents an alternative method to assess student performance and understanding.

If you are serious about your child’s mathematical development, then you need to add critical thinking and analogical thinking to your curriculum. ZapZapMath is a great addition for any math curriculum and can help your child develop important problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

Awards and Recognition

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