ActivMotion Bar

Excited on my collaboration with the ActivMotion Bar!

Each of these bars are hand-built in their Detroit, Michigan based facility and shipped!

What is the ActivMotion Bar?! 

Rolling Steel Weights:

Life is NOT static and isolated. Life IS dynamic and active.

Life is ever changing. External forces like gravity, momentum, acceleration and deceleration are constantly acting on our body to push and pull us out of position as we move through space. With dynamic resistance that shifts inside, ActivMotion Bars safely simulate this ever-changing, dynamic environment so that we can more effectively:

Facilitate greater core and joint stability muscle activation.

Engage every physiological movement system in an integrated way, igniting the senses to build a stronger mind-muscle connection and awareness of our position in space.

Truly improve functional fitness.

ActivMotion Training utilizes the innovative, dynamic nature of the ActivMotion Bar’s internal rolling steel weights to provide an unparalleled fitness experience that ignites the body and mind in completely new ways. With the aid of our unique ActivMotion Bars, ActivMotion Training will educate you and your clients to move beyond your limits to greater functional fitness, core strength, stability and balance.

Get ready for your New Year New You!

How do I start?

First you need to choose which ActivMotion Bar works for you:


I received their 8lb ActivMotion Bar (the gray tipped bar)

The 8-pounder is a favorite amongst intermediate and more fit individuals. It measures 5-feet in length; I’m 5’9″.

Click on the Basics & Moves for a pdf handout

Learned the basics? Try some moves!

Got it?

Once you get the basics and start trying some exercise moves, click through to their videos:

#HIPCRUSHERS – 3 Moves in 1 Minute

I have been doing their IGNITE Home Fitness Program:

Better Results. Less Time.

Raise The Bar On Your Home Fitness Routine.

IGNITE by ActivMotion Bar is the new 60-day Functional Training program that will get you better results, faster. Your IGNITE Program uses the unique muscle activation and calorie burning benefits of the ActivMotion Bar in simple and fun Core Strength, Flexibility, Balance and Cardio workouts for an unparalleled training experience. In just 20 to 30 minutes per day, build true core strength, lose weight, improve flexibility and develop better balance using the same tool and exercises that personal trainers and group fitness instructors all over the world use everyday with their clients and gym members.

If you are a fitness professional or want to see some of their fitness instructor course content, click the button below.

If you want to access your 4 free digital workouts, follow these instructions:

1. Click this link to access our workouts on demand page.

2. Use the code “customer” to login. Enjoy!

Pilates, Golf, and Active Adult, Oh My!

So many ways to get in shape with the Activ Motion Bar!

Become a FAN today!

Just for your use:


25% off until January 7th, 2019!

That’s even more of a deal than their Black Friday & Cyber Monday promotions!

Act now!

If not now, WHEN?

Start something NEW, FRESH, FUN, and HEALTHY today!

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out by emailing them at

What size bar would you choose?


  1. very interesting tool for working out. not familiar with these workout bars but the picture and video really helped out

  2. I have never seen a bar like this before but it looks like it would be great. I would love to give these a try!

  3. This is so very awesome. I would love to be able to collaborate with something like this. I definitely need to increase my fitness during the holiday season. So easy to get off track and these bars look perfect.

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