Taco Tuesday With Triceratops

Up the fun for your budding paleontologist with these Triceratops Taco Holders:

Installation is a snap; just follow the directions and take note that each leg has a number stamped within and each hole socket on the main body has a number stamped to correspond to the leg.



Once your Triceratops has all four legs, it is quite the sturdy taco holder standing at 5.5″ tall and 10″ in length with the ability to hold two tacos each.

The plastic used is FDA approved BPA free and is dishwasher safe; I still hand-wash mine because these make taco making into a mess-free moment.

No dino-sized mess with these! Able to hold both hard shell and soft shell tacos; made it easier to fill too!

My youngest has so much fun with these and also takes a moment to share his taco with his “Taco-Top”, as he has nicknamed them.

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Not just for Taco Tuesday either!

Fun addition to picnics or any meal time as a waffle, toast, or sandwich holder!

Great gift idea to spark imagination and creative family mealtime!

What do you do to up the fun during family mealtime? 

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