6-in-1 Apple Airpod Case

Jasontric really covered every detail when it comes to wanting your Apple Airpods on-the-go with you. Plus, the conveniences they included truly make this stand out!

What are the 6?

Airpod Case, Anti-Loss Airpod Strap, Watch Band Holder, Silicone Airpod Ear Hooks, Carabiner Keychain, and Carrying Bag.

The case, strap, holder, and ear hooks are all made from a high-quality silicone and are very flexible, pluskeeps your Airpods protected from scratched and scrapes. The ear hooks state (L) or (R) for ease and the watch band holder slips perfectly onto your watch bands (up to 0.9″ width). What I love about silicone is that it is easily washed with luke-warm soapy water without loss of integrity.

The case is conveniently sized to hold your Airpods (not compatible with other products), plus the carrying bag holds the case, plus accessories perfectly. Power button located on the back is aligned to give you quick ability to power and link via bluetooth. Hook the bag to your purse, bag, keys, or belt hook with the caribiner or the anti-loss straps to keep everything safe and secure. The straps endings have magnets which helps keep the Airpods from swinging around when not in use.


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The durability of all the items is far above a 5-star rating along with all the finite details that have been put into this Airpod case.

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