Trustech Electric Infrared Heater

In the twilight of night that casts shadows to the day
The cold creeps at the October edges of my single pane windows,
And seeps into my cheaply heated home with no insulation
It catches my toes, and walks up my hands to grab my face and nose
The cold grasps firm and goes deep….

Fantasy, Wanderer, Sculpture, Monument, Ice, Cold, Snow
Copyright: Stefan Keller of Kellepics

But not anymore thanks to Trustech Electric Infrared Heater!

The infrared heater is stylish and has the ability for three power modes:  High, low, and economically.

In High Mode the heater blasts heat out to heat up your space fast, which is perfect for blistery cold nights. Low Mode helps keep an even keel to your space’s warmth; in the words of Goldilocks, “Just right”. “Eco” Mode, Economical, cyclically turns on and off to maintain the warmth.

The space heater has a LED display screen, where you can see the working status of the heater clearly from across the room easily.


(Front panel with and without cellphone flash)

The handy remote gives your even more convenience. Bonus:  The remote can lock the control panel; perfect for those households with children!

Features a programmable thermostat function where you can set the temperature you want, then the heater will heat cyclically to maintain the temperature you set.

Accessible filter on the back gives you the ability to clean your filter; open with a phillip’s screwdriver and wash with warm soapy water, allow to dry completely. I always clean out filters from heater, fan, or A/C units before and after their respective seasons.


The heater also has a built-in timer which can be adjusted up to 12 hours. You can not only set a time for the heater to shut off, but also for it to operate; allows you to have a ‘warm’ welcome when you arrive at home every day or set it for a bit before you wake up to shake those morning shivers away! Plus this means you do not have to get up to switch it off in the middle of the night; stay warm in bed and let this functional heater do it for you.

Safety features! Lightweight and portable coming in at 17.8 lbs versus heavier, less conventional heaters. Flip side? Easier to tip over. However, there is a tip-over shut-off feature built into the heater. Plus, the heater is equipped to shut-off in case of overheating; any unusual rise in temperature, it will shut itself off.

It may be lightweight, but it was packed quite tightly (which is a good thing), so I had to place the box gently on its side to slide out the heater.


Remember, where ever you place your beautiful new heater, DO NOT BLOCK the heating elements or air flow on the back.

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Do you use space heaters or have a whole-house heating system?



  1. We have a whole house heater, but when my parents had a house in Georgia the basement was not on the heater. We had space heaters but they weren’t as nice as this one! Having a remote is an awesome touch.

  2. I also love the fact that this comes with a remote. That makes it so much nicer. Just by looking at the heater, you can tell that it will keep you warm and toasty.

  3. I love that you can lock the front panel (Not because if the kids, but because my husband and I disagree on thermostat settings😂🤣).

  4. We have heat for the whole house but we’ve become a little obsessed with mainly running these small space heaters for only the rooms we are in. I love that this one has a remote and all!

  5. This looks like such a great space heater. I really like the fact that it is programmable. To be able to set it to go on at a certain time so that your space is warm when you get home it really great.

  6. I love these heaters. My son’s grandmother has had one for years. It will heat the entire house incredibly fast. These things do exactly what they say they will.

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