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Does your kiddo love imaginable play? There is a new brand out there on the market that takes using your imagination up a notch. ReadySetz is super cool and immersive cardboard playsets that will have your child feeling like they are on set while they play. These sets are large and super fun to play and get creative with.

When the National Toy Hall of Fame inducted the Cardboard Box, it was 2005 and the iPhone and iPad had yet to be invented! Delighted parents and kids already knew how a simple unstructured and unplugged box could transport a youngster to a world of his or her own, one where anything is possible. Fast-forward to 2018 and plugged-in families are discovering ReadySetz, the 3D foldout playset that encourages imaginative open-ended play.

But this is not the cardboard from days of old—this material is durable, reinforced to be strong (so strong it can hold 100-pounds and it doesn’t collapse), water repellant, and vibrantly printed on both sides. More than a cardboard box, ReadySetz has everything a kid could dream of — ramps, trap doors, tunnels, landing pads – surrounded by a large photorealistic backdrop of an Urban landscape or Space Base. Each playset comes in two sizes and boasts family-friendly features from 0% plastic, 100% recyclable to fold-flat-for-storage convenience. Best of all, unfolding to set
uptakes mere seconds, since it arrives fully assembled!

Kids can create an epic toy battle using action figures, building blocks and other multi-use pieces already in the toy box. With a ReadySetz, parents can power up imaginations instead of recharging a tablet or screen. Getting down on the floor to play with a ReadySetz playset is like entering a play world.

Happily, ReadySetz eliminates the need for a bulky plastic or wooden playset that takes up lots of room and can’t be stowed away, and costs hundreds of dollars. When the ReadySetz playset is open, it spreads out to create a magical play scene. When done, it easily folds flat in mere seconds to tuck into a closet, under the couch or any storage spot.

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