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Living in Southern California means living with a temperate climate pretty much all year long; many a year has gone by in which the winter holidays are in the 90’s. But it also means living close to the beaches and having the accessibility to pools year round as well.

I have bought my kids regular snorkel gear before, but none of them took to it well, plus they had issues with the fit. Gag reflexes kicked in for two of them, plus with my older kids having orthodontics, the mouth apparatus was not only uncomfortable, but unable to fit correctly. Goggles can get you loving the water, but being able to do more and see more is a beautiful thing underwater.

I have had my eye on snorkel masks for around a year now, so I was absolutely thrilled to share that I received one at a discount from Obliviscar!

When shopping for snorkel masks you need to understand measuring to be able to choose the correct fit. Obliviscar has the perfect visual aid to help choose what was right:

Small/Medium is suitable for kids


Large/Extra Large is suitable for adults

I have a naturally diminutive stature with a face to match, so choosing a small was my best option, plus all of my kids are able to fit the same size currently.


Yes, I realize my kids are weird when it comes to pictures, mainly my daughter

What is a snorkel mask?

This will change your water experiences!

A snorkel mask give you a wider viewing capability with no distortion. 180° panoramic viewing!

The Obliviscar Snorkel Mask has a separate breathing chamber which creates airflow from the main viewing “sunshade”; this helps prevent water from entering your mouth.


The breathing tube comes in at roughly 10″, which is one of the longest in the snorkel mask market.


Slips onto the main mask tightly due to two rubber o-rings and has a notch it goes into at the base; took a bit of arm work due to the rubber o-rings, but it is to ensure the seal is tight and no water intrusion occurs.



The inside of the face mask (the blue) is very soft with just the right amount of flexibility and tension; it is made from medical-grade liquid silicone and is anti-allergen.


The ability to breathe with your mouth or nose without using a mouth piece.


The purge valve is in the chin area; drainage is capable by simply lifting you head.


With the different compartments and breathing tube separated gives this the anti-fog that we all look for in any underwater viewing apparatus’.

My favorite part hands down is the strap!


Easy to wear, easy to adjust, soft, and DOES NOT RIP YOUR HAIR!!!


You can tell I find this point very important! My daughter’s hair is wildly curly and gets caught in everything.

It is also equipped with a removable Go-Pro camera stand; install or not, both options area available.


If you choose not to then keep the main piece on and keep the two parts along with the two extra rings in the bag.



So comfortable and easy for all of us to use! My daughter has always had a fear of water on her face, but loves to swim. It’s more aligned with fear of drowning, she took to this mask very well and had zero issues keeping her face in the water.

Rules to observe to help maintain your mask:

Hand wash only with fresh water after each use, I also wipe the inside clean with a rag to maintain proper function.


It is normal to have minimal fogging if the water temperature is over 104°F (40°C).

Temperatures here are in that area along with warm water temperatures in unheated pools and the ocean.

The Obliviscar Snorkel Masks come in either Black+Blue OR White+Blue

Plus all of the “accouterments”

✔ 1x Obliviscar Full Face Snorkel Mask
✔ 1x Waterproof phone case (can fit smartphones up to 6 inch)
✔ 1x Mesh Bag
✔ 1x Detachable GoPro mount & screw
✔ 1x User Manual
✔ 2x Extra seal ring

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Do you love to swim?

Have you ever gone snorkeling?


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