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About Purell

Founded in 1988, Purell is one of the most recognized brands in the world. It defines the hand sanitizer category and is the brand most preferred by doctors, professionals and consumers everywhere.

I received an array of Purell products to help prepare us for back-to-school thanks to ViewPoints. All views are my own and product links are my personal Amazon Associate links which may earn me a small commission of you choose to click through at no extra cost to you. Thank you!


Purell Advanced Hand Sanitizer Singles 

Portable, single use packs that leaves your hands feeling soft!

Easy as 1, 2, 3 with it’s easy to use, one-hand operation to provide you with the FDA required efficacy with each use (**)

(** Purell Advanced Hand Sanitizer exceeds FDA Healthcare Personnel Handwash requirements with use of 1.1 mL of the product **)

125 single use packets come in their display box. So many great uses for these to include traveling; slip these into your pocket, purse, backpacks, book bags, and more just be mindful to not accidentally crack them open. Scent is light, just like regular Purell with ethyl alcohol at 70% making this an antimicrobial product. Very convenient, great for on-the-go moments, super portable, and, of course, kills 99.99% of most common germs that may cause illness.

4-wide in my wallet

While it doesn’t specifically state not to use on children under 6 years of age, it does recommend that they should be supervised when using Purell. The amount that comes in each pack, to me, seemed to be a lot for a child though, I tested the amount on my 9 year old son and I ended up taking some off to use for myself.


No stinging from any of my kids nor myself and did not leave our skin feeling dried out; alcohol scent quickly fades. Really like this product.


Purell Naturals Advanced Hand Sanitizer

Portable Bottle

Hand sanitizer gel with essential oils and skin conditioners that come in a handy 2 fl oz pump bottle as a pack of six.

What makes this “Natural”?

Same effectiveness as their original Purell hand sanitizer, but with 100% naturally renewable ethanol (plant-based alcohol), USDA certified biobased product, naturally fragranced, made with 93% naturally derived ingredients, and is triclosan, paraben, and preservative free.

I delved into the ingredients because I really wanted to know what essential oils were used in this (this is some, not all of the ingredients):

Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Orange Peel Oil, Glycerin, Lavandin Oil, Litsea Bubeda Fruit Oil, Geranium Oil, Pogostemon Cablin Oil.

     Upon initial look, I honestly thought this was a spray bottle, it’s actually a squirt bottle for the gel. The bottles are quite sturdy to include a cap that clips over a lip to stay snugly on. The dispenser top has to be turned 45° to open for pumping the sanitizer. Huge pro for me with these bottles is that I can also refill them from an industrial sized container after using them.


The amount it dispenses with one pump is the perfect size for me and my kids so I just tell my kids, one pump. A lot easier that squeezing bottles which they always dispense too much of.

Scent is clean, fresh, and isn’t over-powering. It hasn’t affected my kids nor my skin when using; no burning sensations. Left skin feeling clean, soft, and not dried out.

Definitely a keeper for my office, my truck, and my kids are each getting one for the start of school tomorrow.

I also have been cleansing my son’s retainer case; just a squirt of the sanitizer then clean it with a baby wipe.


Purell Ocean Mist 

Instant Hand Sanitizer

Moisturizers and Vitamin E left my hands feeling soft and refreshed.

The bottle states this has a “fruity fragrance” and I noted that while most of the other Purell products have 70% Ethyl Alcohol as the antimicribial ingredient, this has 62%.

The inactive ingredients that are listed outside of the normal hand sanitizer ingredients is fragrance (parfum) and blue 1. So, even though this product has been tested by dermatologists, I am not sure if this would cause a reaction for those with sensitivities to fragrance and blue dye. Just my personal opinion, one in which I cannot test as my kids and I really don’t have these sensitivities.

As I stated before, it says it has a “fruity fragrance” I really doesn’t to me. Very strong scent that has more of a bite than just basic alcohol; slightly burned my nose when I sniffed it. Scent stayed on my hands longer than original and natural scented Purell which drifted to a softer scent once absorbed at least. Initial is strong though then softens to a clean ocean scent.

It has left my hands feeling soft and not dried them out, however my kids are definitely not fans of this one due to initial scent. No worries, this is the perfect size for my desk at work.


What scents do you like in hand sanitizers?

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