Book Review: Gorgeous: Book One by Lisa Shelby

Gorgeous: Book One (The Gorgeous Duet)
by Lisa Shelby
A steamy, adult contemporary romance that will make you blush and make you swoon.



Olivia Adams is smart, independent and firmly believes less, is most definitely, more. Nothing about Ronan McKinley and his luxurious yachts and expensive homes appeals to her, but there is no denying the attraction between them.

When Ronan makes her a job offer she can’t refuse, Olivia makes it clear she has no intention of anything more than a professional relationship with this man whose lifestyle is anything but “less”.

But what happens when Olivia slowly discovers Ronan is much more than she ever could have imagined?

What if she fills Ronan’s cold, gray life with warmth and color?

Is it possible that these two people, from vastly different worlds are actually meant to be?

Hook, line, and sinker comes to mind with how book one ended:  To be continued!

What?! Yes! Just when I thought the stars had aligned and all was well, the twists and turns that showed up smack dab at the end, quickly halted those ideas of mine.

The static in the atmosphere, the storm taking place in his chest, his breath falters. Across the room is a sight unlike anything:


I feel like I have got whiplash, but the car isn’t even in motion.

Synopsis is that Olivia is an event planner for the elite who meets Ronan at an event she led. They were both immediately smitten with each other but, refused to allow it to consume them and break them. I really like how Olivia is written:  Smart, classy, strong, independent, and full of sass! Ronan, while being a billionaire, is actually a very kind man who has never felt loved nor met a woman like Olivia who wants nothing to do with his business nor his money.

Ronan:  I seem to be stuck on the treadmill of life.

You want Olivia and Ronan to finally break through their own personal barriers, yet page after page they burn for each other without taking the first step. Both are truly equally stubborn!

Seriously! It takes until I am 44% of the way through the book for them to finally shatter the glass, the bravado gone.

As they delve into a relationship they find they both have had dark and sordid pasts with and without parents in their lives; Olivia without at a certain point in her life and Ronan with, but without love. They complete each other and, as stated before, just when you think all’s well in the world, everything is flipped upside down.

Is it due to her dark past? Is is because of his domineering father?

I don’t know! I can’t wait to find out when Gorgeous:  Book 2 gets release March 6, 2018!

Hot, hot, hot moments written through out making for a full-fledged addiction! I pinky swear promise you will love it!

I was extremely thrilled I received an ARC and am looking forward to Book 2!

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