Book Tour Reviews: Geeks & Things by Sarah Biglow

Pains and Penalties
A Geeks and Things Cozy Mysteries Novella #1
by Sarah Biglow
Genre: Cozy Mystery
A new amateur sleuth is on the case in the first book of this Cozy
Mystery novella series.
When Kalina Greystone returns home to the small town of Ellesworth, MA in
the wake of her father’s passing to take over the family’s comic book
shop, she never expects to reconnect with her old flame, Detective
Christian Harper. But when elderly Mrs. Davies winds up murdered at
the annual Solstice Fair, Kalina can’t help but get swept up in his
investigation and solving the case. While Detective Harper runs his
investigation, she cozies up to the dead woman’s best friend, Mrs.
Grant, and learns that she and a third woman, Ms. Ellicott, might be
targets. Someone has sent them notes with the cryptic warning ‘Lying
is a mortal sin’. As Kalina digs deeper into the women’s shared
past, she unearths the perjury that sentenced an innocent man to
prison. After discovering Ms. Ellicott dead in her home, Kalina and
Detective Harper must race to unmask the killer before vengeance can
be sated.
This novella packed a very quick punch from beginning to end. To me it read as if this was a follow on from some prequel-based book because a lot had actually happened in the past of the main characters that led them to this day and age. Hoping that means we learn more about their pasts as the series continues into Forgive & Forget!
I digress though! Fifteen years have passed since Kalina Greystone (Kal) left her home in the small town of Ellesworth. Fifteen years since she had seen her high school sweetheart, the now Detective Christian Harper (Chris) of Ellesworth.
Kalina came back to run the shop, Geeks and Things, that was left to her in her grandfather’s will. AJ, her nephew, and Kalina immediately start the novella off with a fair in which they have a booth set up only for a death, which was very obviously a murder, to occur when poor AJ was grabbing a bite to eat.
This quickly leads to Kal and Chris rubbing shoulders as they both work towards the “Who done it”. Mysteries abound as those from Kal’s past divulge secrets most foul to her. Should she tell Chris? Should she investigate more? Can she solve this fast enough before more murders occur?
As stated, this was a novella which I read in an hour. Quick paced, good twists, turns and plots along with setting the stage for further mysteries.
Follow along with me as I continue my reviews of the whole series I was ecstatic to be able to review for this amazing book tour!
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Forgive and Forget
A Geeks and Things Cozy Mysteries Novella #2
Your favorite amateur sleuth is back on the case in the second installment
of the Geeks and Things Cozy series.
Life is looking good for Kalina Greystone. Geeks and Things is thriving
and she’s even rekindled her high-school romance with Detective
Christian Harper. But her world spins off-kilter when she finds her
high school best friend, Nadine Larrabee, huddled over her father’s
dead body.
Nadine fears she’s responsible for her father’s death but doesn’t
remember details. As Kalina keeps close to the investigation–certain
her friend is no killer–a horrifying family history unfolds,
providing motive for the girl Kalina once knew. Refusing to believe
Nadine is capable of such an act, Kalina peels back the layers of
family drama to find the truth.
Wow, the title of this novella stayed true to the theme and delved into a very dark, heart-wrenching, yet eye-opening mystery. The story starts off roughly three months after the first novella, Pains and Penalties, with our sleuth, Kalina Greystone, out for another morning run trying to shed the past murders from the first novella out of her mind.
While on said run she runs smack dab into the middle of a scene that includes her best friend from high school, Nadine Larrabee, covered in old, dried blood over the body of her father, notably deceased. With no recollection of any happenings during the night, she paints herself as being the suspect quickly, but Kalina knows Larrabee is hiding truths that, when set free, will either set her free or solidify her as the murderess.
This novella was shorter than the first of the series and, therefore, quicker to figure out the “Who done it”. It was blatantly obvious after they entered the scene honestly; a bit of a spoiler there, but it’s really obvious.
Nice read even with the quick unfolding of events. Still not covering much of the main characters’ pasts which I really want to read about ~ hint, hint LOL
As stated before, this is the second novella that is a part of A Geeks and Things Cozy Mystery series that I received as part of a book tour.
Debts and Debtors
A Geeks and Things Cozy Mysteries Novella #3
Kalina Greystone is back for another small town, amateur mystery in the
third installment of the Geeks and Things Mystery series.
It’s Thanksgiving in the small town of Ellesworth, MA and Kalina and her
family have gathered to celebrate the holiday—their first since her
father’s passing—but all is not well when Savannah Chase,
Jillian’s college roommate appears on their doorstep. She’s
distraught over her missing husband. She just knows something’s
happened to him. Despite knowing Chris wouldn’t approve, Kalina
keeps tabs on the investigation. After all, Savannah is like family.
The investigation takes a turn for the curious when Mr. Chase’s body is
found in a foreclosed house in a area ripe for commercial
development. Kalina and Chris soon discover that Thomas had recently
changed jobs, giving up real estate for debt collection. But who
would want him dead? The more Kalina digs, the more she finds herself
in the cross-hairs of a dangerous man. She and Chris must solve the
case before she becomes the next victim.
The third novella in A Geeks & Things Cozy Mystery series starts off with our sleuth, Kalina Greystone, getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner. With thoughts of her first Thanksgiving with beau, Chris, and her family on her mind, they are quickly dashed when he cancels due to an unexpected occurrence at work.
Yep, you guessed it, another death, nay, another murder in the sleepy town of Ellesworth, MA.
While Kalina and her family start the festivities, an old college friend, Savannah, of her sister, Jillian, stops by due to the disappearance of her much older husband who is a local realtor. Turns out, Kal’s other half, Chris, the local detective, found Savannah’s husband, Thomas Chase.
With the suspense on high throughout Kal looks to help solve the mystery which ends up with her being a little too deep. Chris and Kal’s skills are put to the test to unravel the mystery before any other dangers arise, to include those who were in the cross-hairs of foreclosure. Hence the Debt and Debtors title to this book.
The third book ends on a sweet note that flows well into the fourth book in the series I received for a book tour, Have and Hold, which only means one thing:  She said YES!
Have and Hold
A Geeks and Things Cozy Mysteries Novella #4
Your favorite amateur sleuth is on the case in a new Geeks and Things
Cozy Mystery.
The small town of Ellesworth, MA is abuzz with the upcoming wedding of
Kalina Greystone and newly promoted Police Captain Christian Harper.
But not everyone is thrilled for the happy couple. On the morning of
Chris’s promotional ceremony, they receive a shocking package—a
severed finger wearing an engagement ring! Under the guise of
last-minute wedding preparations, Kalina questions a local jeweler
who may have sold the ring adorning the finger. In fact, he’d sold
three such rings recently. When a second finger is sent to a local
reporter and the bodies of the victims are discovered near the beach,
Kalina knows there is little time left to find the third victim. But
why target these brides-to-be? After digging deeper, she uncovers a
startling connection between the players and must race to save the
woman who is the true target of the killer’s rage.
The fourth book in A Geeks and Thinks cozy mystery series continues to follow our sleepy town of Ellesworth, MA sleuth, Kalina Greystone, as she is smack dab in the middle of another murder mystery. With two weeks to go before the newlyweds, Kalina and Chris, are to be married a severed finger with an engagement ring shows up in a box on the day Chris is to be promoted.
Is it against Chris and his promotion? The fact that they are marrying? Someone out to stop them? Because they are newlyweds? When the second finger is found and the bodies of the women the fingers were chopped off of, will Kalina be the third? The fourth?
As the mystery quickly thickens, and the fear along with it, the race is on to catch the killer before any more happen. With a secret of her own, Kal, puts herself in danger and risks more than her engagement with Chris.
As with the other novellas in the series, I enjoy being able to follow the characters as they grow and move forward while learning more about them.  I like the twists and turns, plus the ability to read it within an hour. Well written throughout.
Saints and Sinners
A Geeks and Things Cozy Mysteries Novella #5
Your favorite amateur sleuth is back for one last case in the final
installment of the Geeks and Things Cozy Mystery series.
Kalina Greystone’s life has finally fallen into place. Now happily married
and eight months pregnant, she is ready to step away from sleuthing
and give all of her time to her family and Geeks and Things.
Unfortunately, sleuthing isn’t quite done with her. On a trip to
the cemetery to visit her father’s grave, she happens upon a dead
woman’s body. Video footage reveals the killer but the case takes
one bizarre turn after the next. The woman, Verona Maxwell, shares
fingerprints with Paige Fischer, a little girl who died over fifteen
years ago in a boating accident with her twin brother, Patrick. Or
did they? The killer looks an awful lot like Patrick. Having briefly
known the twins in her youth, Kalina searches their past in the hopes
of making sense of the present. But the more she digs, the darker the
reality becomes. Systemic abuse by Paige and parental neglect rise to
the surface, making her wonder if the past isn’t as buried as
everyone was led to believe.
Saints and Sinners is the fifth in the series, as we follow our local sleuth, Kalina Greystone, from Ellesworth, MA on another murder, mayhem adventure while she is eight-months pregnant as she promises everyone, including herself, that this is the last one!
The mystery and murder revolves around one part of twins, Paige Fischer, who turns up deceased as Verona Maxwell fifteen years after her supposed death from a boating accident with her twin brother. Their dark history lays the playing field for a horrific outcome as Kal goes into labor in the same hospital the divisive suspect is being held in also.
The novellas that are a part of  A Geeks and Things Cozy Mysteries, that this book tour is about, all have one thing in common:  The murders, mysteries, and plots are all super twisted! Sounds funky so don’t get me wrong! They are all very well, thought-out, and leave you feeling “wowed” by how quickly everything unfolds, falls into place, and sets up the stage for the next novella.
Sarah lives in Massachusetts with her fiancé. She is a licensed attorney
and spends her days combating employment discrimination as an
Investigator with the Massachusetts Commission Against
She is a self-professed TV junkie and in her spare time (what’s that?),
she runs a TV recap blog with her best friend (and sorority sister),
Jen. Sarah currently enjoys an array of TV shows including (but
definitely not limited to) Once Upon a Time, Blindspot, Chicago Fire,
Chicago Med, Chicago PD, Grimm, The Flash and Arrow. She is always on
the hunt for new shows to binge!
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