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Release Date: February 15th

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Designer: Letitia Hasser from RBA Designs

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Tripp Anders.

Formerly the best surfer in the world. Still Longview, Florida’s most famous son. And, starting this week, my boss.

My boss at my summer job. A job my parents made me get. A job my parents made me get because I hadn’t left the house since I moved home six months ago.

After my divorce.

I’m in my thirties, by the way.


I thought trying to fit into a Hot Beach one-piece five mornings a week would be the toughest part of this job. Instead, it’s Tripp. He’s arrogant, condescending, and used to getting what he wants.

And what he wants right now is me.


I open my door, flip on the lights, and hang back to let Bobby in first.

“What a gentleman.” She smiles over her shoulder.

I give her ass a smack, and she spins around, looking scandalized. “It’s not nice to call names.” I smirk.

“I should have said ‘scoundrel’ instead.”

She’s sauntering into the den, but I catch her arm and spin her back to me. Her hands end up on my chest, like we’re in a movie. Her fingers press my pecs as she smiles up at me. I squeeze her waist, wanting to bend her over my couch and smack her ass again. I get distracted by her luscious mouth…her gently smiling mouth. I want to kiss those lips and feel her breasts against my chest[K1] .

“What?” she giggles nervously.

I stroke her cheek with my thumb. “Nothing.”

Then I close my eyes and brush her lips with mine. Bad idea. I know that. I’m surprised when Bobby groans. Her mouth opens for me, and my tongue strokes inside her. Fuck, her mouth is hot. Her body softens against mine; I wrap an arm around her waist as we kiss slowly…softer first, then forceful. My dick is throbbing, pushed against her belly. I start to rock against her, but then pull back, breathless.

“This okay?”

She laughs against my throat. “Yeah.”


“You are my boss.”

I look down and find her smiling coyly.

“We shouldn’t do this, right?” I grin.

She rocks her hips against me—and that’s all I need.

While the blurb and excerpts above tickle along the hot and steamy parts of Ripped, that’s not what truly drew me into the story-line. Bobby suffers from depression and anxiety, rightly so, after spending eight years being emotionally drained by her ex, Kevin. Side note: There is a banter on those who are named Kevin and it made me laugh, a lot. My second (ex) husband’s name is Kevin. Was like I was reminiscing about the inner turmoil as I read.

Tripp, while several years younger, brings fun and a second chance in life (to live life) into Bobby’s, but she also does the same in return without knowing it. I love the banter between Bobby and Tripp; it was smoothly written and I laughed when they laughed. Wonderfully written to draw in the reader.

The end up in what would be called a “situationship”; wow, where has this word been all my life?! Both also come from emotionally drained pasts due to either overbearing, you can’t do anything right parenting to parents who rode the pay stub of your life then dumped you when it got rocky.

Neither can believe the other is who they truly are and they are just being themselves really.

Excerpt:  What does Bobby want from me? What do I want from her?

Then the twist comes in (not going to do a spoiler) which leaves both of them in life or death situation.

As stated above, I truly enjoyed this due to the author’s ability to wrap me into the dialogue alone. Written close to this day and age, both being millennials, but not annoyingly so (sorry, not sorry), just the right amount of heat in the bedroom, but not “in your face” nor all about sex. Has a bit of everything and kept me engaged through every page. While I was offered an ARC, I JUMPED on the fact it was (is ~ could still be, not sure) available via Kindle Unlimited.


Jake Irons is the pseudonym of a male author living in Portland. He writes erotica at his desk at a stuffy corporate law office.

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