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Title: Watch Me Follow
Author: Harloe Rae
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance
Release Date: February 2, 2018


Creep. Freak. Crazy
I’ve heard it all.
Over the years,
they’ve slammed me with every demeaning name in the book. 
Their taunts warped
me like a steady stream of poison.
Anger replaced
anxiety as I started believing the cruelty spat my way. 
Until she showed up
and changed everything. 
Lennon Bennett is
pure innocence—warm sunshine breaking apart my stormy existence. 
She’s everything
good and maybe I can be too. 
For her. With her.
Because of her.
Lennon doesn’t know
I’m beckoned closer with each breath. She isn’t aware that I’m completely
consumed with her. 
It’s become my sole
purpose to protect her, by any means necessary. 
But if she
discovers the depth of my obsession, it will be the end of me.
So, I remain in the
Waiting. Watching.
She’ll be my first.
My last. My only.
Watch Me Follow is
a TOTAL standalone. 

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He’s becoming really obvious.
The mystery man is here again, hidden in the shadows and out of clear sight, but I’m catching onto him.
After noticing him standing behind me the other day, the dark stranger has been appearing everywhere lately. I’m pretty sure this guy wants to get caught. Perhaps he’s been hanging nearby a lot longer and I’m just realizing it. My pulse beats wildly, the whooshing pounding in my ears as I continue watching him. This reaction isn’t from fear but rather a startling awareness of his recurring presence. I’m not scared of him, though most might be, and the need to know why snakes through my system.
We’ve been playing an intense game of hide-and-seek since that afternoon outside Aire Gardens almost a week ago. I’ll go somewhere—my studio, Brewed Awakenings, around campus, my apartment—and after settling in, begin searching for him. He’s always there, waiting to be spotted. Each time I find him, my belly tightens as a smile lights up my face. Discovering him out there, lingering in the background, has become something I really look forward to.
How didn’t I notice sooner?
Perhaps it’s my total inexperience with dating, and the opposite sex in general, that has me getting far too attached to these moments. I’m getting wrapped up in the fantasy of him, of what he represents. This stranger—Seek is what I’ve started calling him—is the closest thing to a boyfriend I’ve ever had. I find myself daydreaming about him, wondering who he really is, when did he find me, and most importantly—why me?
I press my palm flat against the cool glass and stare at him leaning against the large oak tree outside the Student Center. My thoughts are becoming more and more consumed with a guy I don’t even know—at least not really. Yet it seems like I do.

Author Bio 

Harloe was born and raised in Minnesota. She is married to an amazing man and they have an adorable baby boy. They are what make life worth living for her. Harloe has a day job that she loves and is also passionate about horses, blogging, country living, and having fun.Harloe has been in love with romance since she was a little girl reading fairy tales. The dream is to find the perfect person that completes your life, right? Novels have a way of bringing fantasy to reality and she’s always up for an unforgettable adventure.

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Interaction is really important to Harloe, so make sure to follow her pages and say hello! 

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Ms. Cat’s Review

I was sent an ARC of Watch Me Follow by Harloe Rae and, “Wow!”. This book left me craving; my whole body, soul, and mind craving for this!

Sexy obsession-filled Ryker is waiting, watching, and wanting Lennon as years worth of anxiety, depression, and anger weigh upon his broad shoulders.

Lennon is also an introvert with her own internal demons she must slay if she is to be able to fulfill her wants and desires in life.

Two different souls, but alike in many ways. Will fate bring them together? Will Ryker’s unwavering desire to protect Lennon be his undoing? Is it all just a figment of his imagination? Can she love a flawed man? Can he keep the blackness from consuming him again?

These I cannot say, but I highly recommend this book. Steamy, dark, sensual; this was definitely a page turner as one can fantasize it happening to one self, but it also has quite a beautiful edge to it. How the author, Harloe Rae, intertwined Ryker and Lennon’s fates with their differing learning capabilities was truly touching. Yes, besides being a romance, it gave a learning aspect, a window to see through, as you watch how hard life can truly be.

Ms. Cat’s Favorite Quotes:

Every chapter started with a little quote; all of them were perfectly placed for each chapter.

Sometimes a whisper feels like an earthquake. 

I haven’t visited the ocean or swam in the sea. I’ve been too busy drowning in his crystal-clear depths.

The answer will always be you.

 You are my sunshine

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