The Dinosaur That Pooped Christmas

Having never heard of The Dinosaur That Pooped series, I was excited to get my kids involved in the reading and reviewing of this children’s book that I received in the post. Each of my kids and I read the book on our own then I interviewed each of them when they were done.

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The Dinosaur That Pooped Christmas


By Tom Fletcher & Dougie Poynter

Illustrated By Garry Parsons

Reading level is for ages 3 to 5 years and even though my children are older than this group, they read daily to younger children at school, at their daycare, and to neighbors’ children too.  Yes, my children love to read and bring the joy of reading to others. With this in mind, we set forth.

The book is written in rhyme that follows the resultant foibles of Santa Claus’s gift to one spoiled child. As you can guess, it was a dinosaur that was gifted to the child.

The following is the questions and (spoiler) answers:

What was your favorite part of the story?

David:  It was weird when the dinosaur ate the whole house but, I still liked it.

Rudy:  When the dinosaur ate the parents, grandmother, and pets.

Maija:  When the grandmother came out with the slew of poop still knitting like nothing had happened.

Me:  The same as my daughter, I immediately noted the grandmother and how she “swooshed” out of the dinosaur’s bum.

Was there anything that made you think “Ewwww”?

David:  Yeah, the places in the book that said poop.

Rudy:  When the dinosaur started to poop.

Maija:  The illustration of the poop itself made it look like diarrhea.

Me:  The poop was a tidal wave of diarrhea and was overly liquefied.

What did you think of the illustrations?

David:  They were funny.

Rudy:  They helped feel what was going on; made it emotional.

Maija:  I liked how the illustrations of everything else was except the poop.

Me:  I thought the important parts of each page was colorfully illustrated without pulling from the rest of the scene.

Who was your favorite character?

David:  The dinosaur!

Rudy:  The boy.

Maija:  Grandma!

Me:  Grandma!

If you could name the dinosaur, what would you call him?

David:  Dino…

Rudy:  Hungry.

Maija:  Exploding Diarrhea Guy

Me:  Either Sir Poops-A-Lot or

Would you read this again?

David:  Yes, I would and I saw that there was other Dinosaur Poop books.  I want to read them all.

Rudy:  Nope, but I would read it to other smaller children.

Maija: Mmmmm nooo.  Only if I was bored and wanted to laugh at something.  I also do not want to read any of the other Dinosaur POOP books, but that’s just me.

Me:  To my youngest son, David, and other children.

What was your overall thought of the book?

David:  The book was super funny and one of the words that said poop was actually very funny.

Rudy:  I like that there was a lesson to be learned in the end.

Maija:  It had a good moral of the story and the grandma rocked!

Me:  I liked the rhyming nature of the story with the end-all being a lesson learned.

If you had a dinosaur that could eat anything, what would you want it to eat next?

David:  Another dinosaur.

Rudy:  Bad guys and those wanting to harm Earth.

Maija:  My homework and garbage; cleaning the planet.

Me:  My bills and pollution.

Would you choose to read The Dinosaur That Pooped Christmas to younger children?

David, Rudy, Maija, and me:  YES!

Likable book, illustration, and story-line sure to entertain many children.

Available straight from the UK in paperback or as board books!


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