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Pet Magasin

A premium pet product maker who focuses on designing high-quality, beautiful, low-cost, and user-friendly products for pet owners. They are committed to providing the best products and offer a two-year warranty on all their products.

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Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

My dogs get walked a lot to naturally file their nails down due to my eldest rescue, Eva, having had her paws stepped on from her prior owners. The slightest pinch and she yelps in pain and actually tries to bite my hand each time I have tried to clip her nails. My younger rescue, Mitzi, also has a similar past and I have deemed her “Schizoid”; everything makes her jump and she is very excitable. My kids nicknamed Mitzi “Chewbacca” due to her furry nature and with her being excitable I have to manually trim her with a pair of small hair trimmers.


Pet Magasin’s Dog Brush Set, Pet Nail Clippers, Retractable Dog Leash, and Dog Brush Set is a perfect fit into our pets’ lives; I also have a 16 1/2 year old cat, Naya, who is just that… a cat with a cranky attitude, but still needs grooming.

The Dog Brush set comes with three separate grooming tools in a bag, one of which I can honestly say, I have never seen before. Of note, the fact that no instructions came with the grooming set nor are there instructions on the site for any of them.

After a bit of searching I found instructions with safety precautions for this type of tool:

The tool that was unknown to me is the De-Matting Comb with a soft handle that allows you to comfortably remove mats and tangles. The stainless steel, serrated blades are designed to avoid contact with the dog’s skin.


The tool is set for right-hand usage, for left-hand use, remove nut and assemble blades in opposite direction.

Comb your dog carefully, being cautious to keep the sharpened edges of the blades from coming in contact with their skin. Start at the outer edge, working inward to break apart the matted hair. Comb in the direction of fur growth until the comb glides easily through the coat.

While the comb easily goes through her fur and notably helps get out knots making her fur smoother, she unfortunately still jumps away from allowing this anywhere near her head.

The Double Sided Brush has firm bristles on one side with stainless pins on the other side embedded on a air-cushioned base.

Both sides were comfortable for not only both my dogs, Eva and Mitzi, but my cat, Naya, who loved to rub herself on the bristle side. For fur removal on both sides, the rake tool is easy to use.

The Long Tooth Undercoat Dog Rake is quite impressive with the look of it belying its actual weight.

The handle is heavier than the rake part itself even. The stainless steel “teeth” have zero give and remind me of mini-bullets for a rifle actually. Highly recommend for thick furs! Easy to run through and collects massive amounts with the ability to actually hold it. As you can see, easy to clean also.


Getting ready to clip their nails requires a stable place to lay them, towel to wrap and comfort them in, cornstarch for the just-in-case, plus treats. I use anxiety treats prior, helps calm and soothe them, then carrots for during.

To cut, hold the clippers at a slight angle and keep it with the curve of the nail. Clip a little at a time to ensure you do not cut the quick; hence the cornstarch just in case.


Place enough of the nail into the entrance of the stainless steel blades up to the safety stop which helps prevent over cutting.


I love the design of these clippers; non-slip handle ensures a wonderful grip, safety lock on the handle, and the stainless steel plus over-all design of the actual cutter is 30% stronger.


Bonus is the hidden nail file in the handle of the clippers.

Of note is that these clippers are designed for medium to large breeds, not small nor toy breeds.

Groomed from tail to the tips of their nails, they are ready to be walked!

Pet Magasin’s Retractable Tape Leash is 13 feet in total length and the one I received is designed for medium breed dogs up to 44 pounds. I know some owners are on the fence with retractable leashes, but they do give your dog more freedom.

Once again they have designed their product with a comfortable, non-slip rubberized handle and, as a bonus, it comes with an awesome waste bag carrier that you can easily clip onto a belt of clothing.


Ready to be walked?

Nope, not right now, they are done with all the special attention and treats thanks to Pet Magasin!

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