Light Up Your Hobbies

Got a shutterbug in your life?  Hobbiest?  Hobbiest-in-training?

Even with white boxes for picture taking I was lacking lighting to get that perfect shot.  Do I have a Nikon, Sony, Panasonic camera?


Which made this light-lamp even more perfect.

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The VILTROX L-162T 1070LM CRI95 is a dimmable, ultra-bright LED video light lamp panel with a LCD display for DSLR Camera Video Camcorders.

Don’t let the box and directions throw you off, easy set-up and packaged perfectly.


While it does come with a hot shoe adapter and filter:

It does not come with a battery. However, you can get a bundle option or purchase one separately that is compatible.  I received the VILTROX discounted and I decided to purchase a battery kit separately.

I chose the TURPOW 2-Pack 2900mAh Battery and Charger Kit.

Now that I had everything I needed, it was time to start charging this up to test it out.

Let’s delve into the actual VILTROX LED first:

Ability to clip to other light panels is on the right

Easy on/off button next to the battery release tab


Dimmer for the LED, display shows percentage

Can see how it works via my video

No battery? On-the-go? Can be powered by AC adapter

Want to see how it works all together?

Check out my video on YouTube

Wow! It is quite the LED powerhouse!


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