Light Up Your Hobbies

Got a shutterbug in your life?  Hobbiest?  Hobbiest-in-training?

Even with white boxes for picture taking I was lacking lighting to get that perfect shot.  Do I have a Nikon, Sony, Panasonic camera?


Which made this light-lamp even more perfect.

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The VILTROX L-162T 1070LM CRI95 is a dimmable, ultra-bright LED video light lamp panel with a LCD display for DSLR Camera Video Camcorders.

Don’t let the box and directions throw you off, easy set-up and packaged perfectly.


While it does come with a hot shoe adapter and filter:

It does not come with a battery. However, you can get a bundle option or purchase one separately that is compatible.  I received the VILTROX discounted and I decided to purchase a battery kit separately.

I chose the TURPOW 2-Pack 2900mAh Battery and Charger Kit.

Now that I had everything I needed, it was time to start charging this up to test it out.

Let’s delve into the actual VILTROX LED first:

Ability to clip to other light panels is on the right

Easy on/off button next to the battery release tab


Dimmer for the LED, display shows percentage

Can see how it works via my video

No battery? On-the-go? Can be powered by AC adapter

Want to see how it works all together?

Check out my video on YouTube

Wow! It is quite the LED powerhouse!


    1. Thank you! The digital display and ability to make a rack of lights is my personal favorite “pros” about the LED.

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