Building Block Tape

Building Block Tape, hype or next level building?

That is what I have been wondering every since I saw it on a TV commercial.

The only toy I enjoyed playing with as a child was LEGO; I even had a suitcase as my LEGO bin.  I will always remember how upset I was when my mother sold it at a garage sale when I was 10 years of age because she said I needed to play with Barbies with my older sister.


Sorry, never been a fan of those.

Move forward a couple decades (or so, ahem) later when my children were old enough to safely enjoy LEGOs and my passion was still there for building everything.  A decade since then, we all thoroughly enjoy building blocks of every type and each of my kids has a bin to hold their own; saves my sanity and feet!

Now that there are so many off-brand building block companies I admit that I do hesitate to be one of the first ones to jump on them.  Companies and sellers have been gracious and kind enough to send me various building sets for my review to include the latest hype, building block tape.

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I received the “Warm Pack” of building block tape by Think Brick Arts from Mooie Moments due to an amazing promotion they were having.

Warm Colors            Cool Colors

The box came with five rolls in the following colors:  Red, orange, yellow, pink, and white.


Each strip of “tape” is 3 1/4 feet in length with adhesive strip on the flat side for the adhesive.

We tested them in various situations and found the results to be mostly positive with a few negative points:

My walls are painted in semi-gloss with flat texture (not mounds or notably mottled).  Results:  Tape strips held up half the time which surprised me as I had thought they would stick up better.   


   We tried it on various pieces of finished furniture that is glossed in the living room and their bedroom.  Results:  Held up impeccably; around an inch of the beginning of the tape would curl up occasionally, but easily pushed back into sticking.

Results were the same with unfinished wood and doors as it was with finished furniture.

Plastic bins and storage units and drawer systems is what we use for crafting and toy organization.  Results:  Great gripping capability without any curl-up issues on the end tips.

Windows in the living room, dining room, and bedroom plus glass mirrors.  Results:  Best place honestly and gives a higher capability of building off more.


Bendable and easy to cut to your heart’s imagination.

Neither paint was removed nor residue left when these tapes were removed from any surface.

Like all silicone, these are easily cleaned to include the adhesive side; water clean and air dry before reuse.  How many times this will hold up is yet to be seen.

The description page of the product we tested states; “Want to build your LEGO outdoor? Great idea, let’s try them on a tree, your bike, your shoes, and more, what’s your idea?”.  Some of these ideas are a bit far-fetched while others sound like a cool idea.

Building capabilities and weight limit was another area we tested out with similar results of pros and cons:

The longer the block, the more difficult it is to align and place on the strip.  Longest piece was ten and the four-length blocks were the best to work with.

If you curve your strips the more difficult it will be for block placement; a four-block is your best bet with curved tape.

We placed the yellow strip on our entertainment center which is actually four separate shelving units.  Meaning that the tape was not an even adhesion onto the furniture.  My eldest son loaded the tape up and down with various pieces from small to large and light to heavy.  Results:  It held up two days until I had him take it off because I wanted to dust.


I would highly recommend these tapes for any building block enthusiast.  I would also recommend installing a compatible surface on the wall if you have textured wall.  I plan on purchasing their “cool color” pack or maybe even their pack of ten rolls.  My kids are thoroughly ecstatic with these tapes as I let them have them as an early Christmas present.

Side note:  I am keeping the adhesion tape coverings to reapply them when I they want to put them away.

Various other colors and packs:

I may look into getting these peel-and-stick base plates then doing a semi-permanent installation on my walls:


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