Review ~ The Unseen Companion

The Unseen Companion

Author:  Michelle Lynn Senters

This book came into my hands at the right moment, when I needed it most.

After a week’s worth of “How can today honestly be WORSE than yesterday?!”, I happened to be reading this book I was sent to read and give my honest opinion on.  I read this book through the week as I waited the twenty minutes between the time I get off of work, pull up to my kids’ school, and wait for them to get out.

I did try and read this before my bedtime of midnight, with my head drooping, I realized that waking up at 4:50 AM was a bit more important.  With each day peaking and the stress of my everyday life culminating, on Friday I was e-mailed by a couple of friends of mine asking if they could take my kids to a movie.  Without hesitation I stated, “Yes!”, but not for the reasons you may think.  I said yes because my kids and I needed time apart, enjoying that time.  The only time of separation we have is when I am at work and they are at either school or daycare.  They, Lisa and Dawn, are not only wonderful with kids, completely trustworthy, and loving they are also like aunts to my kids.  This time was not only for me or my kids, but for them to get out and have some fun also.

Guess how many times this has happened before today?

Three times in the last eleven years, nine months and nine days.

The irony was not lost on me with its timeliness after having read this book.

The Unseen Companion was written to be focused mainly of God with a single mother. I found the meaning behind this book could be applied to various scenarios in this thing we call life. It may be labeled for single mothers, but I feel the same feelings that parenthood and life evoke can be felt boy single fathers and those that are in a physical relationship with someone yet feel like they are alone.

This book brought a lot of feelings and thoughts to the forefront which I hope to capture in my review without bouncing on and off subject too much.

What I found in this book was my thoughts written by someone else.

Living life, having the same continuous thoughts running through my mind is very nerve-wracking to say the least.

Seeing these thoughts on paper…. Written in a book…. Written by someone else…. Written by you seemingly…

It caused a bit of anxiety I admit as I delved into my own ideas of myself; none of which are warm and kind.  I tell everyone I know, “We are our own worst enemy as we are hardest on ourselves.”

This book helps sort out these ideas and comes with a process as I read chapter after chapter.

Each chapter has exercises towards the end of each to delve into where you believe you are in your relationship with God; be it questions or activities and ideas.  There are proverbs littered throughout tied to each chapter’s topic which lends a wholesomeness and the ability to further embrace you as a mother and your struggles.

My favorite activity would be the one in the Healing Chapter to help self-identify my triggers to find their sources to heal; putting my destructive responses and behaviors to paper felt like my soul was shattering.  I felt raw and renewed as I dissected myself as I normally do in my mind.  The Peace Chapter / Section struck an internal cord in which I almost highlighted every sentence as it brought quick tears to my eyes.

If I could say one thing to the author, Michelle, it would be, “Your story was, and is, worth telling.  Thank you.”.

I sit here typing this after being blessed, humbled, inspired, thoughtful, and saddened.

This book, The Unseen Companion, was written with heart and spoke to my heart and soul throughout.

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