Have a KINREX Halloween

I had the opportunity to review several Halloween inspired products by Kinrex from KP Trading Deals on Amazon and, needless to say, my kids and I had a blast plus, are going to have fun testing everything out.

The video showcase of what we received can be seen on my YouTube Channel

Ms Cat

It was too large a file for my blog

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First up is the Halloween bucket!

At 7″ x 7″ x 5 1/2″ you already know it will be smaller than a normal giant bucket and, let’s be real, kids start complaining about those giant ones because they are too large and bulky.  Size is fine for 6 years and younger OR your fur baby who likes to take awesome seasonal or holiday photos!

What I like it for is it is perfect for a Halloween craft and am planning on using it at work for all the candy my kids do not eat; I take it to work and give it away.

From fake to real, how are you going to carve it up?

This 11-piece pumpkin carving tool set is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

11 double-sided wooden pieces featuring 21 different tools:

Spearhead & Curved Tool / Slightly Forked & Spearhead Tool / Curved Blade & Large Spearhead Tool / Angled & Curved Tool / Needle Point & Curved Tool / Needle Point & Angled Tool / Slightly Forked & Curved Flat Tool / Metal Wire Brush Tool / Salt & Pepper Drill Tool / Curved & Loop Tool / Spoolie Tool Brush

What do these do? What should these each be used for?

Spearhead and curve tool let you decorate your pumpkin to your satisfaction
Slightly forked and spearhead tool use to easily carve a pumpkin
Curved blade and large spearhead tool enables you to shove into your pumpkin with ease.
Angled and curved tool helps you cuts out your pumpkin in any shape.
Needle point and curved tool used to make small round holes on pumpkin
Needle point and angled tool use for making small angled hole on pumpkin
Slightly forked and angled tool used for making holes on the pumpkin
Metal wire brush tool which helps you clean your pumpkin neatly and not having messy edges
Salt and pepper drill tool lets you nicely and easily creates holes without cracks
Curved and loop tool
Spoolie tool brush – the tool neatly clears the pumpkin


All are sharp and solidly embedded into the wooden handles.  I have truly been needing these in my life due to not only misplacing all my pumpkin carving tools every year but, they are plastic handles with flimsy metallic tools.  But, both have one thing in common:  Patience is needed.

Remember, supervision is important if allowing your children to use these tools and the recommended age (on the packaging) states ages nine and over for use without supervision.

What better way to gross-up any outfit that with BLOOD!

This isn’t just blood, it’s GEL Blood and is perfect to define all those cuts and scrapes.  Ingredients are water, sodium, cellulose, and edible red pigment.  Remember though, use with extreme care and never use in the mouth or near the eyes.

While it is easy to wash off with warm water and mild soap; porous materials have a chance of getting stained i.e. clothing, upholstery, carpeting, etc.

Not recommended for children under the age of 14!

It creeps, clots & stays in place!

Got blood on your brain now?

How about a real looking brain?

Oh yeahhhhh, a gelatin brain mold!

Mold can hold up to 48 fluid ounces of gelatinous goodies to make it look like a wiggly brain; measures 8.5″ L x 7.25″ W x 4″ H.

Very well put together with no give; hand wash only and, also, thoroughly before us.  NOT dishwasher nor microwave safe.

Not a JELL-O type of family?  No worries, my kids and I actually hate the stuff so, why do we have this brain shaped plastic mold?

Think outside of the brain (mold that is)

Flesh paint and blood it up to make it look like brains on the outside and it fits perfectly on a head!  Perfect for any gory zombie!

It fits backwards fine for me and my 11-year old daughter plus, perfectly for my 8-year old son.

Not a brainy kind of person? No worries, these will color up your life right away:


Purple, Pink, Red, and Fire!

These are so awesome!

The inside of the wigs have the mesh netting which is sewn solidly throughout.  The hem has a bit of stretchy give to it and can hold the wigs in place.

When they arrive they are cone shaped and look like a troll but can be shaped and brushed into so many different things; your imagination and more!

Mad Hatter ~ Fire Wig


Queen of Hearts ~ Red Wig

Ariel ~ Pink or Red Wig

Wolverine’s Daughter ~ Purple Wig (my daughter’s idea)

Descendant’s Cast ~ Any of them really

The Miser Brothers too!

My kids have played with them for HOURS and have had no fibers fall out; really well designed and stitched!

I am going to see if they have green and blue because, Medusa, Poison Ivy, Wolverine!

Let your imagination get brushed in color!

What are your plans for Halloween?

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